General Bajwa Asks Students to Be Wary of Hostile Talk on Social Media

Chief of the Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa, while speaking to the students on the eve of internship completion at ISPR, has urged the young generation to avoid spreading hostile ideas on social media. Bajwa warned the Pakistani youth to be wary of the extremist organisations like the Islamic State group saying that they are their prime targets.

He visited the Directorate on Thursday and congratulated the students on completing their internship from July 11 to Aug 17.

The COAS said that youth is the future of Pakistan and that this generation has the talent and ability to steer Pakistan towards an era of progress and peace.

The Army Chief persuaded the students to follow the rules, avoid shortcuts, stick to the merit, trust their abilities, and advised them to realise their full potential for the greater good of Pakistan.

COAS’ Motivation

Talking about his motivation to boost the morale, he said that his uniform and the confidence in youth has kept him going during the tough times.

He assured the young generation that Pakistan Army was trying its best to make Pakistan peaceful and that they will make it secure and stable for everyone.

Rules for Success

Talking about the latest operation, Radd-ul-Fasaad, and rules for success, he said,

Every Pakistani is a soldier of Raddul Fasaad operation. Your success and progress in life depends on three things: faith in Allah, serve your parents and hard work. This trinity is key to success.

Via Dawn

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  • Like every Pakistani male even the General is a little tharki . In a crowd of of mix gender students, he is instinctively addressing the girls only and has ignored the presence of boys. Typical scenario when a high power official, politician or a corporate visits a university.

    • Apki soch ko salam… Extract what he just spoke here…. Our national problem to find something odd in every scenario

      • I can assure you that when a Pakistani guest of honor addresses a young crowd their attention is 80% towards the girls. There is no harm in acknowledging a reality. Why are you getting uncomfortable?

        • I am not focussing that… I read his words only… They are enough to ponder at… These messages should be spread by our political leaders but they are busy somewhere in their den

          • Ok. Lets put aside the accusation of being tharki. Tell me what is the explanation for when any male official informally addresses a young crowd, he is much more eager to interact with and focus on the females; while prefers to maintain a distance with males?

            • You need to go do something better with your life man. He’s speaking to the crowd as a whole.

          • Dude don’t take him seriously, he is an idiot. Everyone is laughing at him, bloody laughing stock. General Bajwa is ke samne ayege to is ke pant se liquid leak hoga LOL!

      • Don’t take him seriously, he is an idiot. Ghar mein ziada rahne se yahi hota hai bande ka demaag karab hojata hai.

        • ha Liberal ka ghar ma rehnay ki waja sa aisa hota deemaag kharaib ho gaya ha mera Qadyani bachay………………..

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