Amir Liaquat & Waqar Zaka Just Teamed Up for A Good Cause

Amir Liaquat and Waqar Zaka always find a way to gain media attention, usually not for positive reasons. This time, however, Amir Liaquat and Waqar Zaka plan to do something against the human rights violations in Myanmar (formerly Burma).

Using Twitter as their medium of communication the duo talked about going to Myanmar and doing something for the Muslims there. Waqar Zaka started the conversation asking Amir Liaquat to travel to Myanmar together and rescue the people whose lives are in danger.

Waqar Zaka, who is currently in Dubai, was previously arrested so he requested for a press visa access this time.

The controversial TV Host at BOL, Amir Liaquat, immediately replied confirming that he’s willing to go and will be applying for a UN Journalist Visa.

The conversation concluded with Waqar Zaka reassuring Amir that he’s willing to go and will be sending his details on Whatsapp.

Rohingya Muslim minority in Myanmar has been trapped in “clearance operations” by the country’s security forces. International outcry over the crisis has grown recently. An aid group, responsible for rescuing thousands of refugees from the Mediterranean Sea, has also announced that it’s sending a ship to save the Rohingya Muslims.

At the start of this year, Waqar Zaka travelled to Aleppo, Syria and spent the new year with the war-ravaged locals. He gathered donations and helped the people of the city.

Both, Amir Liaquat and Waqar Zaka, somehow find their way to news headlines. This time, it might be something positive. Even if it turns to be a mere publicity stunt, it might encourage people to do the same in order to help the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.

  • Abay aise publicity stunt hai. Dono chutiya hain salay. Naik log public mein declare nai karte is tara ke baatein, khamooshi se karte hain. Dono naam ke peeche baag rahe hain, dunya mein he rah jaye ga sab.

    • Dude tmhara kitna naam hai
      At least unko duniya janti hai
      With out any stunt
      Aur agr tm naik logon main se ho tou wtf you did for Them(Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar)
      Fucking haters

  • Should have teamed up years ago as both seem to be from a common ancestry. Quite evident from their shared traits.

  • HAHA propakistani should be renamed as ProMangobaaz , ajkal yahan facebook and twitter k messages se blog post banti hai.

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