Here’s the Real Reason Why Amir Liaquat & Waqar Zaka Got Deported from Myanmar

The atrocities faced by fleeing Rohingya Muslims at the hands of Myanmar has prompted several journalists and news agencies to cover the matter first hand. To that end, two Pakistani journalists decided to visit Myanmar to get a first hand account of the events.

Amir Liaquat and Waqar Zaka decided to visit the country, planning their visit publicly on Twitter. After they reached Yangon airport they faced difficulties with the immigration department and were deported for “unknown reasons”.

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The anchorperson had also tweeted that they were detained “illegally” at Yangon Airport:

Lied to Immigration Authorities

Turns out they lied to the officers at the immigration department saying that they were at Myanmar for just a visit, according to an immigration officer.

Immigration officer U Myint Zaw said,

I asked them some basic questions because they came in on tourist visas not as media organisations. I decided to check them carefully because one of them was a famous TV presenter in Pakistan. We got information that they would try to come in using a United Nations visa to report on the Rakhine conflict, but their visa was not what I was informed.

Came on Tourist Visas

Airport police at Yangon Airport confirmed that the two had come on tourist visas and did not have a contact in Myanmar to translate for them. The police said that they did not clearly answer them when they were questioned about the purpose of their visit. They had recording equipment and yet they came on a tourist visa, which is why they were deported for lying about the purpose of their visit.

They were refused entry and were sent on Thai Airways flight TG 303 to Bangkok. Aamir Liaquat further confirmed in a later tweet that they had arrived in Pakistan soon after.

Via Myanmar Times

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  • Those who wanted to help others went and did what they could do. They did so without raise any hue and cry or drama. Their intentions were clear. In this case we knew Drama kings were doing this to raise their falsified image.

  • Lol what an idiot people we really have, if today i say i want to go myanmmar, my parents, family and friends stop me from going there, and amir liaquat showed his boarding pass and videos which u dont have.
    One more thing u trust there immigration officer more then ur own country citizen? That immigration officer who treat pakistanis like a pig? If you think its public stunt then go THERE URSELF AND PROVE WHOLE WORLD WRONG.
    Sitting behind screen, eating pop corn becoming keyboard warrior is easy and pointing fingers towards others is also easy, real thing begins when you urself do same thing in a right way WHICH U NEVER WILL OR CAN.

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