Govt is Planning to Introduce a Super Sized Passport for Pakistanis

The government is considering increasing the number of pages of passport to 100 pages for the entitled category, based on the traveling history of the entitled person.

Currently, Pakistani Official Machine Readable Passports (MRP) are categorized as follows with respect to the number of pages:

  1. MRP Official booklets (36 pages)
  2. MRP Official booklets (72 pages)

The Official passports containing 36 pages are issued to all entitled persons who fall under Para 9 of Passport & Visa Manual 2006.

However, Official passports containing 72 pages are issued to those entitled persons who are frequent travelers and who justify their need of 72 pages booklets on receipt of their special recommendations.

Case Filed Against PSPC

Interior Ministry documents revealed that case has been taken up with Pakistan Security Printing Corporation (PSPC) for printing of official booklets of 100 pages for issuance of passport to entitled category as per traveling history of such entitled person(s).

The Official passport booklets are being printed by Pakistan Security Printing Corporation (PSPC) as per required International Standards which contain specific security features.

The front page of passport containing the data information of applicant is being printed with the help of German made Passport printers with special security ink, which is designed for passport printing.

After printing, these passports are being laminated with Special Security Lamination importe

  • Do the passports contain RFID chips? They should include those otherwise it’s not up to international standards.

    • 100 pages passport with 10 years of expiry date is available upon request. Nothing new but it seems ProPakistan wants to fill their quota of minimum posts per day and write such posts. Nothing is new. I have already 100 pages passport with 10 years of validity.

  • Passport Office kai bahir jo agents hote hai kya in sai kaam lena illegal hai like inko apni ye important chezai like passport etc handover karna in short kai kahin ye hamein fake passport de kar na mushkil main daal dai?

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