Public Panics as Dengue Death Toll Keeps on Rising

Recently, two deaths caused by dengue fever have been recorded in Khyber Teaching Hospital (KTH). The news caused a wave of panic among the staff of the hospital as one of them was a ward boy.

About 50 dengue victims, including 42 from KTH, have died since the spread of the disease. The victims include, Altaf Khan, 55 year old resident of Pakawa, and 35 year old Zahir Shah belonging to Abdara village.

In the past two months, three deaths have been recorded among the KTH staff. Another ward boy is admitted at the same hospital which is responsible for admitting about 90 per cent dengue patients.

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The health department and Peshawar district government worked together for eradication of this disease on Tehkal locality which helped decrease the number of cases. Nevertheless, the disease is still highly prevalent in the villages of Sufaid Dheri, Achni, Pawaka and Abdara.

“From the past two weeks, majority of the cases are coming from localities other than Tehkal and apprehensions are that it can spread to the posh Hayatabad and University Town areas if immediate preventive measures aren’t taken,”, a senior physician told.

He added that the hospital staff could not perform their duties attentively as they were scared of the situation.

According to the officials of the health department, awareness programs and campaigns have been launched for the prevention of the disease.

Furthermore, the Deputy Commissioner, Saqib Aslam Raza organized a walk in Tehkal area for the purpose of spreading awareness regarding the prevention of the ailment. To facilitate and engage people, brochures and pamphlets were also distributed. He recommended people to stay safe from mosquitoes and avoid open storage of water.

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