PTCL Launches “Baara Athaara” Campaign to Boost Awareness About its Helpline

In this day and age, company reputations largely depend on how quickly and efficiently customer complaints can be resolved by big brands.

This much is clear to corporate concerns who serve millions if not thousands of customers daily. And with the advent of social media, it only takes but one big customer complaint to undo hours of dedicated services that are provided by companies that are regarded as a crucial driver of economic growth in the country.

PTCL fits this description quite well. As the country’s first and foremost provider of telephony and broadband internet services, the company has faced its fair share of complaints and issues when it comes to dispensing its services in a timely and efficient manner.

After a strategic rethink, the company has decided to streamline and improve its customer complaints resolution mechanism countrywide.

To achieve near-perfect efficiency in addressing common customer complaints at light speed, PTCL is debuting its ‘1218’ complaint registration number.

Baraa Athara Complaint Number Campaign

Given its near ubiquitous status as the premier internet and landline services provider in Pakistan, PTCL is debuting a full-fledged marketing and awareness campaign for 1218.

Also known as the Baraa Athara campaign, PTCL is hoping to better communicate the benefits and the efficiency of using its latest complaints registration and resolution mechanism for all its customers, no matter wherever they are in the country.

Here are some of the few things PTCL customers can do with the 1218 complaint number:

  • Register complaints against bill payment,
  • Lodge complaints against bill shocks (incorrect bill amount),
  • State if they have any connection issues and other service and/or connection related issues.
  • One stop shop for placing any landline, broadband, Smart TV or bundle packages.

The Baara Athara campaign aims to unify all the common issues and complaints that customers are likely to face, all under one single platform.

PTCL is pulling out all the stops to promote the Baraa Athara initiative. It says:

The idea for the launch of this TVC is to encourage the customers to use this facility to help them and the company properly track the complaints and orders, ensuring timely resolution of the issue and installation of services.

At the moment, many customers try and contact their local linemen and/or register complaints at nearest exchanges and social media. Those processes tend to become chaotic and difficult to manage. Therefore PTCL has opted for one single platform for users to register their complaints, track them and ultimately resolve them with efficiency.

So the next time your PTCL broadband, landline, smart tv package or other associated services don’t work as required, don’t forget to dial Baraa Athara or 1218!

For now, check below TVC that PTCL launched for the campaign:

  • This Complaint 1218 and online complaints are just nothing – a paper to bin unless you approach to complainant concerns exchange SBM/BM for resolution. a good initiate PTCL Care on Twitter, but they’re helpless against technical issues like Funds allocated to concern exchange but till it reach to concern exchange SBM/BM are 40% of actual allocation, rest of the amount utilized by SBM/BM for their wishes.
    the blackmailing of PTCL, they don’t allow nayatel/private telecom sector to come in their monopoly area which result customer have to suffer,again rely on PTCL Pathetic speed. 10% of user nationwide getting fully speed according to subscribed package, as line stats in most of the area are so poor,attenuation is too high. PTCL exchange considers SNR Margin Upsteam 6-7 is acceptable whereas as per Internation Standard it less than 10 considered as Fair. Similarly Attenuation:13 Considered as best line. Attainable rate must be 20000 (Twenty Thousand Plus) considered as good, here customer getting 11-14k in Attainable KBPS.
    In ISB/RWP atleast PTCL address to customer issues, but in LHR/KHI Region situation is very poor. Good Wishes for PTCL!

  • Agree. Helpline is pathetic. Complaints are mostly marked as “closed” instead of being resolved.

  • PTCL New Revised Installation Charges:
    New Broadband over existing Landline: Rs. 2,499 inclusive of Tax
    New Double Play (Landline+Broadband): Rs. 3,999 inclusive of Tax
    New Fiber to the Home (GPON) connection installation charges are upfront PKR. 11,999/

  • Instead of 1218 they should start their Twitter @ptclcares campaign which is much better than their usefull helpline 1218…

  • I dont call their helpline anymore… Whenever i have any problem i go to exchange/office where PTCL GM is sitting and explain my issue face to face thus my issue is resolved same day…

  • If u wanna call 1218 then ask them to transfer your call to their supervisor… Normal representative aur supervisor mein 19/20 ka farq houta ha :-D

  • Honestly speaking service in my area is really good, hardly one or two in a year and my complaints are solved within a business day. Line is also good and I have used 8Mbps flawlessly was getting 1.1MB/s download speed, upload speed was still 1Mbps or 100-130KB/s. I can understand there are issues in many areas in the country.

    • Same here. I am using 12Mbps VDSL connection with SMART TV. I use it for live streaming my PS4 gameplays with no issues. If i have any issues my complain is resolved with 24 hours. But i am only fed up with the charges they are taking and no GPON services.

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