Facebook Snooze Lets You Mute Annoying Friends, Pages and Groups

Facebook is adding another feature today dubbed “Snooze” and it will help you personalize your News Feed by snoozing any profile, including pages and groups you want to “unfriend” temporarily (yes, especially the people who keep tagging you in memes).

Snooze lasts 30 days and to use it, simply hit the ‘Snooze’ button which can be accessed from the top-right drop-down list on a Facebook post.

The Snoozed friend, page or group still remains in your list but disappears from your news feed for a month. It is supposed to be an alternative to unfriending and unfollowing permanently.


As the expiry of the 30-day period approaches, the users will be notified of the snoozed profiles with the option to either continue the Snooze for another 30-days or let it end. Facebook assured that the Snooze can be reversed at any time.

Snooze is part of the News Feed content control features with the other available options being Unfollow, Hide, Report, and See First.

This feature has already been rolled out to most users.

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Though extremely handy in some situations, some argue that Facebook’s content controls are making the users a bit too comfortable. With options to simply filter out any and all dissenting opinions, users risk surrounding themselves in a digital bubble.

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