Another Year, Another Delay for the New Islamabad Airport

A story of incompetence – the New Islamabad Airport, which was supposed to complete its inauguration process last month, has been delayed yet again with a new March 2018 deadline. As 2017 has officially ended, so has the previous deadline for December 2017.

An official said that the National Highway Authority (NHA) has set a target date of March 2018 to complete any unfinished construction work, however, there’s still a good chance that it will get delayed further.

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According to the official, the related authorities and provincial governments already have their “hands full” as they are busy with political issues and defending their statuses. Other than the typical political rant, the official added that the heavy July-August rains also delayed the construction work of roads for the airport.

Due to the combined incompetence of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and the added ineptitude of the NHA, the new deadline of March 2018 is also very likely to pass because the road networks have been poorly planned.

Two New Dams

To support the airport’s water supply, two new dams named Rama and Kassana are being built. The Rama Dam is close to completion and the Kassana Dam’s construction is currently underway. The airport, however, has been reported to become operational in 2018’s opening quarter.

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Access Roads Will Open

Kashif Zaman, an NHA spokesperson, told reporters that the airport’s access roads from the GT Road Interchange and Talian Road will be operational in the beginning of the new year. The area between Peshawar Mor to GT Road and the respective stations are reported to be functional from March this year.

Recently, it was announced that the Metro Bus extension project had also been delayed to March 2018.

  • No wonder why Pakistan was listed as one of the most incompetent country in the world.

  • Went to Fateh Jhang yesterday. Don’t see it opening any time soon. Roads will take a lot of time to complete. May be somewhere at the end of this year or 1st quarter of next year.

  • Unfortunate History of incompetent ignorance money laundering and commission xxxxxxxx Airport design which is 40 years old and still in the making……no proper access to airport…….?????a big loop for everyone other then Islamabad…..?????????? Where is Rawalpindi bypass ring Rd……???????

    • My dear all.
      It will never be operational in civilian government. Lets wait for Military government to finish this long pending and important project. Two civilian government has already received their share in this project and third is very hurry and struggling hard to get their share and worry not to lose share.

      yesterday on 11 Feb 2018 I visited. Their is no road complete and it seems that link roads need one year more and metro service five years more. They also destroyed Shah rah Kashmir. There is no need of metro bus in this stage.only wastage of money.
      The passenger traveling/arriving will never use the Metro


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