33 Funny Memes on Trump’s Tweet About Taking Back $33 Billion from Pakistan

Donald Trump, in his recent tweet, tried to get on nerves of Pakistanis by reminding them how much money Pakistan “owes” to America. What Trump doesn’t know is that we are Pakistanis and we always find the funny side to every situation and have the ability to roast anyone and everyone. Let’s first have a look at Trump’s tweet of “lies and deceit”.


Pakistanis were quick to respond to the rather “retarded” tweet with memes, here is a compilation of most hilarious 33 memes on 33 billion dollars tweet.

33 vs 33

Now we don’t owe anything right?









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  • ہنس یبس کے پیٹ میں بل پڑ گئے خاص طور پر بینظیر انکم سپورٹ پروگرام والے میسج پر۔

  • Nice one,, by the way IK is also in the news with funny tweets about his alleged 3rd marriage as well,, post this as well.

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