Following Police Strike, Heroin Smuggling Czech Model Did Not Appear in Court

The Czech model Tereza Hluskova, who was apprehended at the airport for an attempt to smuggle heroin, is in police custody at Kot Lakhpat jail.

Today, she was due to be produced at a local court. That, however, did not happen despite the completion of her judicial remand due to the unavailability of police.


Czech Woman Trying to Smuggle 8KG of Heroin Caught at Lahore Airport

Reportedly, police officials are boycotting court proceedings. It turns out that the police force is on strike after what happened in the city recently.

A few of the police officials were beaten by students in Punjab University – during clashes between two groups of students, which resulted in the boycott.

The facilitator of the Czech woman, however, was presented before the court. His judicial remand was extended for 14 more days.

New Case Details

Shoaib, who was the alleged facilitator of Hluskova, had contacts with Pakistani-Britain Tariq, a friend of his elder brother.

Tariq had sent Hluskova to Pakistan. Shoaib had arranged her stay in Pakistan. It is, as yet, not known who handed over the drug-filled bag to Hluskova at the airport.

Deputy High Commission of Czech Embassy in Pakistan also reached the court to attend the hearing.


The court has postponed the case until Jan 30.


Czech Woman Smuggler Has Become a Social Media Darling in Pakistan

Pakistan’s Law Against Drug Traffickers

  • A person found guilty of trafficking more than 10 kilograms of drugs is given a death sentence or life term jail.
  • If a person is arrested with more than 250 grams and less than 10kg of drugs then it is a non-bailable offense.

A joint investigation team (JIT) has been formed to interrogate the model. An intelligence agency official is also a member of the team.

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