Telenor Partners With Facebook for iChamp Program

In a globalized world, the importance of internet connectivity can’t be ruled out. Not only is it a great tool to stay updated with the happenings all around yourself, it is also powering the next generation of leaders and professions.

But what good is internet connectivity if its benefits and advantages are not accessible to all, especially those from underprivileged backgrounds? Today’s social scientists, policy makers and industry professionals are all constantly working to ensure that this does not become the case.

For its part, Telenor Pakistan is hoping to solve this issue in an area where it’s more likely to leave an impact – by educating children about the advantages of the internet.

Telenor Presents iChamp Program with Facebook

The CEO of Telenor Pakistan, Irfan Wahab Khan announced an innovative program that it has launched with Facebook, the world’s top social media network.

Dubbed as Telenor I-Champ, this initiative has been launched in collaboration with Facebook’s Free Basics service, which allows users to browse select online platforms and websites at no additional cost.

With I-Champ, Telenor is hoping to educate and familiarize children who are from underprivileged backgrounds, with the skills they need to thrive in an internet-enabled world.

The kids of today, with the skills of a digital tomorrow.

Telenor’s I-Champ program will teach underprivileged children how to make the most of the internet, the platforms they can take advantage of as well as the skills they need to know to succeed in a world dominated by freelancing professionals.

Telenor’s CEO Irfan Wahab Khan strongly believes that the initiative could enable growth and progress. It could help children to ‘become what they want’.

In order to accomplish this, Telenor’s teams will also distribute phones and devices that can ensure that the wonders of internet connectivity are there in far-flung areas, where internet access remains a pipe-dream.

These children will be taught to utilize their skills and make the most out of the offer that Internet has to make. The basic skills that I-Champ will teach them, not only improve the quality of education they get but also succeed in building a strong foundation for them when it comes to their future career paths.

Telenor’s teams have already traveled across the country. They visited 1800 schools to hold informative learning sessions. Approximately 63,800 students have been mentored about the potential of mobile data and Internet.

As ease of access is growing rapidly with the improvement of mobile data services, telecom companies of today are in a strong position to make a lasting difference in the territories they operate in. The world is becoming increasingly interconnected by the minute. People can work from home for international corporations. They can advance their skills and careers in ways that were previously unimaginable. For the children of today, the sky is not the limit. And Telenor’s I-Champ can help them reach those heights.

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