Chief Justice Tells Khadim-e-Aala to Fear Only Allah & Unblock the Roads

Punjab Police Inspector General (IG) Arif Nawaz has been ordered by Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar to open all roads – blocked due to security reasons – outside the Model Town and Jati Umrah residences of Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif and the former prime minister Nawaz Sharif.

When the Chief Justice asked Punjab Advocate General Shakilur Rehman Khan and the IG to cite any law allowing the chief minister to block the road outside his house, Shahbaz Sharif was also present in the court room.

A three-judge bench, led by CJP Nisar, was hearing the case about blockade of roads in the city by politicians, private people and government installations. Justice Manzoor Ahmad Malik and Justice Ijazul Ahsan were also part of the bench.


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The CJP said that Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif was a public office holder thus he should live among the public.

“Even I have been receiving constant threats,” he replied reply to a point raised by the additional chief secretary (home) on serious security concerns in order to get the court to reverse the order. “I even refused to take Rangers’ security and had not blocked any road outside my house” said Justice Saqib Nisar.

“As he claims to be Khadim-i-Aala, he should not fear anyone but Allah. Go and construct bomb-proof walls for your houses, have snipers on rooftops, but do not block roads,” the chief justice told Chief Secretary Zahid Saeed turning down his plea.

On this the Chief secretary brought up the incident of a suicide attack outside Arfa Karim tower which, according to him, targeted the Chief Minister.

Upon hearing this, IG Nawaz was hammered by the CJP for constantly requesting to review the order. “You should have no issue when your chief minister himself volunteered before the court,” the chief justice said to the IG.

The CJP strictly ordered the IG to comply with the order by Sunday midnight. If you fail to submit a compliance report, the court will decide your fate,” the chief justice warned the police chief. “You are not going to stay as the IG even if the chief minister wants to retain you.”


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Blocked Areas

Barriers in front of Governor House
A warden removes barriers from outside the Governor House. — White Star 

The roads that were ordered to reopen were:

  • Roads outside Jamia Qadsia in Chauburji
  • Johar Town residence of Jamaatud Dawa chief Hafiz Saeed
  • Idara Minhajul Quran of Dr Tahirul Qadri in Model Town
  • Residence of slain governor Salmaan Taseer
  • Passport office on Abbot Road
  • Aiwan-i-Adl, office of the IG on Church Road
  • The office of City 42 television on Jail Road.

The chief justice postponed the matter of blocked roads outside the residence of the Rangers director general, Police Lines Qila Gujjar Singh, Intelligence Bureau office, Chinese consulate, Iranian consulate and Data Darbar.

As per the court’s orders, the city police removed security barricades outside 16 places.

Via: Dawn

  • It is high time that the “Above the Law -Sharifs” are brought down to Earth, in fact their rightful place is below the earth due to their plundering of this poor nation in the name of “Democracy”.

    • Dear Khan sb,

      Will you mind giving some proofs to the court which shows their money making tactics during sharif’s governments which later was transferred overseas ?

      You are quite confident in your statement which even is lacking in court judgements.

      • And you have proofs that they did not? Stop bitching and following them blindly.

        It is actually people like you that have put Pakistan in this state. A typical mindset of yours that is derailing Pakistan since long.

        On second thought, nevermind. It is funny seeing a parha likha jahil :P

        Bhooka tmhari sarkon par mar rha ho or tmharay hukumraan k bete betian 4, 4 lakh k libaas phnkr sb k samnay ghoomain.

        Logon ki betian katal hrhi hon or tm unkay baapon k samnay press conference k doran begherat ki tarah hnso, yay tmhari falah k liay kch krygain hukumraan? Agr abi bi yay tm ni dhk skte to kasur unka nai, apka h. Jahil wo nai, ap ho.

        Or yay hmari bay hisi h or hmari bd ksmati k ap jse log mojood hain jo inko latay hain bar bar.

        Even a monkey knows what’s best for him …

      • Did u also have Huge Apartments next to Hyde Park when u were hardly in your teens?
        What more proof u need.
        NS was paying Rs. 4,500 as annual Income tax when I was paying that much in a month working as a simple engineer.

  • Lol, lol, lol… Youthias lost badly in lodhran poll now claiming innocence by sharing 3 days old news. Great isn’t it?? Why don’t you also write that CJ said Punjab saw greater work than kpk??? Writer ka name dekho ar kam dekho. Please keep fear of Allah you too!!

  • what about empress road where policelines close the entire major road leading to railway stations. they behave like the road was the property of their forefathers. and in the night time it is so horrific to commute from one road having two way traffic there is always chance you’ll get hit by vehicles from other side.

  • Barricades removed from Minhaj-ul-Quran, last time this was in progress, it triggered police clash resulting in the deaths of PAT workers. Nothing has happened now,, why did the PAT workers allow to remove the barricades now and clashed earlier with Police ???

  • Baba Rehmate also take notice of Peshawar and Malakand Division which is converted to garrison state by Army…..Ohhh Sorry i did’t realizes that your are stooge…..

    • Baba Rehmate is another Iftikhar Chaudry clearly biased and blind to 38,500 cases pending in Supreme Court of Pakistan. What SC doing daily and regularly is hearing cases which gains public attention, popularity, show of authority….2 to 5 judges sit daily hearing cases of political nature for whole day passing comments and giving personal opinions, (unwarranted) threats, and showing personal grudge.

      • When it is about your party, then everything seems biased and personal grudges to you xD

        You are pathetic because a knowledgeable person should have at least a sense of right and wrong but no.

        Don’t get triggered over my ‘personal’ opinion based on your comments :P

  • This CJ is proving his bias again and again. If he is so impartial and serious about the matter of unblocking public roads, he should have dared to call any ranger or army officer to unblock a road that they have blocked. So disappointing.

      • Military area walas can also build bomb proof walls and have snipers on the roof tops. why block public roads. someone see encroachment on rawal road rawalpindi.

      • Then military should move to some desert than sitting in the center of the city by this they put citizens life in huge risk…….

        • They might be there for you to save, when you suffer from natural disasters and no Gov. Institute able to help you other then these Arm forces.

          • yeh hum par ihsaan nahe kar rahe hotai dunya k har fouj natural disaster main awam k madad karti hain last year USA main bhi samandari tufaan main fauj awam k madad k liyae aye ti liken aap USA main main center main fauji chawoni khabhi nahe deko gai

            • جی آپ نے بالکل ٹھیک کہا فوج احسان نہیں کرتی۔ اسی لیے سب اپنی فوج کی عزت کرتے ہیں۔
              چھاونی زیادہ تر بارڈر کے علاقے کے پاس ہوتی ہے۔
              دوسری بات چھاؤنیاں شہر کے اندر نہیں بنتیں، بلکہ شہر چھاونیوں کے اردگرد آباد ہو جاتے ہیں۔

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