NADRA Launches CNIC Registration Services in Post Offices

The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) and the Post Office signed an agreement to better serve the needs of Pakistani citizens. As per the agreement, Post Offices around the country can now also serve as CNIC registration counters.

Maulana Amir Zaman, Federal Minister for Postal Services, Nisar Mir Nadra director general and Rubina Tayyab Pakistan Post chairperson, were all present during the signing of this agreement.

This new agreement allows post offices to open registration counters. People who live in rural areas stand to benefit the most since they will no longer have to travel to cities for their CNICs. They can submit their applications for the issuance of Computerised National Identity Card (CNIC) at their local post office.


NADRA Has Issued Over 72,000 CNICs to Illegal Foreigners

The CNIC registration service is now being offered in 200 post offices located in rural areas.

As per  NADRA spokesperson, at present this services is only available in 200 post offices. However, efforts are been made to make Post Office-based CNIC registration centers functional in more cities over time.

Apart from CNIC registrations and their issuance, these post office would provide other facilities to the people as well.

The major aim behind starting these counters in rural areas is to make it easy for the locals living in the rural and further areas as it is hard for them to travel to the metropolitan areas, and then stand in the long queues to get themselves registered for the CNICs.

CNICs for Transgenders 

Recently, NADRA also started issuing CNICs to transgenders, by this lifting up their status in the country. Those with no information available of their biological parents would also be issued with CNICs.


First Time in History, Transgenders Will be Included in Pakistan’s Census

Previously, transgenders were not provided with CNICs because they did not have valid or enough documentation to get themselves registered.

  • At last, Pak Post will get some work to do, otherwise they are just having immunity from work

    • Currently, Pakistan Post some employees involve in hide and theft international items with non registered post.

      • I always send my items from USA to Pakistan via registered post and never have a single problem InshaAllah.

        • Please to know you got all your items but with registered post only, some day sent with unregistered post- you’ll see whether you get it or not?

  • Thanks to NADRA for giving some work to Pakistan Post, for every public dealing still their behavior is traditional lazy, pathetic.

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