Malik Riaz’s Investment Bank is Gearing Up to Start Operations

Escort Investment Bank, owned by Bahria Town’s Malik Riaz, is all set to gear up its operations with a new board which showed a symbolic establishment of a new branch at Bahria Orchid in Lahore.

The new branch was inaugurated by Ali Riaz, its CEO, said a stock filing.

The bank witnessed puts an end to the transition as the new board of directors took over the charge of the investment bank last month. The names of the directors are Umair Rafique Vadria, Karim Hatim, Zain Malik, Naveed Amin, Rashid Ahmed, Tahir Saeed Effendi.


Malik Riaz Buys Escorts Investment Bank for PKR 1

It took nearly a year for the management of Bahria Town to acquire the investment bank, due to some issues in compliance and regulations.

The real estate giant has a strong financial health which succeeded to ensure the regulator regarding the investment bank’s operations, which is primarily being run in losses until now.

SECP gave a green signal to the bank not only to acquire a major shareholding (71%) in the bank but to acquire its brokerage house, Escort Capital Limited, as well at the price of Re. 1 along with liabilities of several million.

Analysts believe the acquisition of Escort Investment Bank by Bahria Town is likely to bode well not only for the bank but for the investment banking sector though it depends on the performance of the new management to drag the company from losses to profits.

  • Whitening Black money is official now as Malik Riaz’s Investment Bank is Gearing Up to Start Operations. BTW Credit goes to Malik riaz to name it as Escort as he himself provide Escort services to corrupt politicians

  • So glad to see it happening. I have highest respect for his business acumen and ability to manage things in a country like Pakistan where everyone is out their to pull legs of successful people. I am sure he will invest to fund the entrepreneurial projects which is the need of the hour.

    • what land grabbing at gunpoint and forcefully taking over people’s land is called business acumen?

    • A country like Pakistan? We are so rich in having people who always target Pakistan as if Pakistanis are a different specie on earth.

      Success if comes from land grabbing then you should buy a TT pistol and start snatching mobile phones in Karachi.

  • We actually are people who always wants to discuss and love to highlight the negativity of everyone one and from everywhere, but we never want to see the bright side of the story. Only pray for our people Mat Allah pak gives Hidayat to all of us.

  • Bahria has lost its credibility among thousands of its clients and buyers of premises and plots now being planned by its management set to sell out to public. All highs and prides have a fall and now Bahria is facing this undeniable global saying. I have lost lacs recently in this connection. All that glitters is not gold. It is surviving on media support.

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