PIA Accused of Ignoring Merit for Vacancies in Foreign Stations

A new controversy has engulfed PIA and this time it’s about the posting of officers to foreign stations, reports local media outlet. According to the report, senior officers aren’t happy due to lack of merit across PIA.

PIA has been accused of ignoring merit-based criteria while selecting the officers for foreign posts. According to the accusers, PIA has been selecting inexperienced personnel for vacancies in foreign offices.

Postings by PIA

A selection board headed by Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) CEO Musharraf Rasool Cyan conducted interviews for the following stations;

  • London,
  • Birmingham,
  • Milan,
  • Jeddah,
  • Muscat
  • Abu Dhabi,
  • Paris,
  • Barcelona,
  • Bangkok and more.


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The board conducted three rounds of interviews in Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi looking for candidates with extensive knowledge in the field of aviation and its market dynamics. However, the selected candidates were junior PIA officers with no field experience. According to the sources;

The management headed by Musharraf Rasool Cyan conducted the interviews three times; one time in Karachi, the second time in Islamabad and then in Lahore. The new management has now selected the most junior officers for these important positions. These officers are not only juniors but also lack field experience which is very important to control and run the station.

The report further says that the selection board conducted interviews of 5 persons against one position. While according to general rules, a maximum of 3 candidates can be called up for an interview per position.


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SSA and PIA’s Response

Senior management didn’t seem impressed with the way management selected candidates. In fact, they are accusing management of favoritism and saying;

Such unjustified and mala fide behaviour of the management towards its employees is the reason behind PIA’s failure.

PIA’s Senior Staff Association (SSA) has demanded the management to conduct the interviews again for the said posts. SSA says that if their demands aren’t met then they will have no option but to take legal action.

PIA Spokesperson responded by saying that the process of selection was unbiased. The spokesperson added that several senior officers were considered however juniors showed more potential and competence and that’s why they were selected.


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Postings Made

Following candidates have been selected to perform duties at PIA’s foreign stations;

  • Maryam Khan for Dubai post as General Manager. Promoted to the PG-X position from PG-VIII.
  • Jan Muhammad as general manager in Jeddah. Promoted to the PG-X position from PG-VIII.
  • Shafqat Niazi as Jeddah manager.
  • Javeria Jatoi as manager in Barcelona.
  • Omar Goraya as manager in Muscat.
  • Saadat Abbasi as manager in Paris. Promoted to the PG-IX position from PG-VII.
  • Mazhar Abbasi was selected for Najaf. A PG-VIII officer selected for a PG VII position.
  • Junaid Shah as general manager in the USA.
  • Shahzeb as manager in Abu Dhabi.
  • Amir Ali as manager in Milan.

According to the report, following candidates were selected for foreign stations but they were not eligible for the posts;

  • Jawad Kazi as manager in Oslo,
  • Babar Zaman as manager in Bradford,
  • Saima Aslam as manager in Birmingham,
  • Qadir Sanghi as manager in Bangkok,
  • Ali Jora for Copenhagen and
  • Shahzad Qazi for Abu Dhabi.

Via: Pakistan Today

  • lol, you’re accusing PIA for mis-marit,

    look at what PM is doing for the latest News.
    PM nominates Ali Jahangir Siddiqui as ambassador to US, Qualification ” BA in economics” with NO experience at all!
    Good Luck Pakistan!

    • As the Noon league every so often likes to state ‘Humain tajarba hai hakoomat krne ka’ then maybe this Ali Jahangir has ‘tajarba’ from somewhere? Or maybe Nawaz will impart some experience to him, sort of acting as a hive mind? :D

      Alas, things these politicians do.

  • well if they aced the interviews then I see no issue. Good to get fresh blood into PIA. It seems a case of sour grapes for the older staff who seem to be resistant to change.

    I’ll say good move by PIA

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