NUST to Open Campuses in UAE and Saudi Arabia

Pakistan’s top-ranked engineering university, NUST, will open its international campuses in UAE and Saudi Arabia. The announcement was made by Rector NUST, Lt Gen. (Rtd) Naveed Zamad in an event in Dubai.

The purpose of this step is to attract more foreign students and increase the visibility of the institute worldwide, Gen Naveed said.

Talking to a UAE-based media house, the rector told that first priority will be to open a campus in UAE. He told;

Our priority is to open the NUST campus in the UAE first as we are talking to the authorities concerned. We are also open for public-private sector partnership to operate the campuses.

The rector said that the work on setting up the campuses will start in the next two to three years, once all parties involved reach an agreement.


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International Students at NUST

There are several international students studying at NUST campuses in Pakistan. NUST reserves a 5% quota for the international student, however, they can compete on open merit as well.

A four-year degree at NUST costs Rs 0.25 million a year for local students. International students pay about Rs 0.5 million a year to complete their four-year graduation degree.


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The Rector told that NUST provides financial assistance and scholarships to deserving students as well. He told;

Our university is very young but it is the best in Pakistan. We don’t turn away students for lack of funds if they manage to pass the admission test. You can either be a part of the endowment programme, adopt a student for full four years or sponsor a student for just one year.

Talking about strengthening the research and making NUST a research-based institute, the rector said;

The university will soon launch its own stents which will cost as low as Rs15,000 (Dh500) to Rs35,000 as compared to the market price of Rs85,000 to Rs350,000. This is part of our plan to serve the community and makes health care affordable for all.

Around 16,000 local and international students are currently getting education from the prestigious institute in Pakistan. Around 50,000 students compete against 2000 seats every year to get into the university. It is the only university from Pakistan to be ranked in the top 50 universities in the world ( #437).

Via Gulf News

  • I don’t recommend getting admission in NUST. The university has become a massive cash grab. If you are not in the ‘know’, ask any NUST guy. Do mention the flawless internet, ending of merit scholarships and above all, the legendary competent authority to him/her.

    • So a NUST guy here. I have graduated from main campus recently. Its not very expensive, our semester fee is less then the monthly fee of some of private schools / colleges. Internet, maybe not the best but its fine and you can access it in any corner of the campus. There was some cut down on percentage of scholarships due to budget but still good amount is available, I personally availed that. I believe for bachelors level, NUST is the best among the options available in Pakistan.

      • Hi Farhan, Can you please advise that
        NUST has any Quota for Overseas Pakistani?

    • Sharing my experience here…

      Mafia that was teaching in NUST/EME later took control of CASE in Islamabad. I once met a high ranking serving officer in NUST Rawalpindi for admission of one poor student with the promise that I will financially assist him, “Janab-a-wala” gave me “suggestion” that I should get admission of that candidate in CASE instead.

      Those who did bachelors from NUST did every best effort by all means to get Masters/PhD degree from CASE, Islamabad. A number of serving army/navy/air-force officers studied in CASE without getting permission from their organizations.

  • Hah Only motivation to open this stupid Mafia Institute is to make more money from sheiks lgao phudo iss qoum ko sb mil kr i am in no way affiliated with any political party but i second nawazs narrative that why courts are only working against me.Shameful af hm apni qoum ko abi tak proper educate kr sky nae but open krenge dosro k mulk me university ja k sorry to say but in Pakistan education is a Big Business and we must speak against it.

  • Why not opening their campus in karachi or lahore or any other part of country, Federal government is collecting tax from pakistani citizens or from UAE or KSA

    • Karachi already has one, and so does Rawalpindi (2 of them?) and Risalpur. They don’t have a campus in Lahore though, but Islamabad isn’t too far. I think that’s more than enough for Pakistan.

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