Police Arrests Real Culprits in Careem Captain’s Murder Case

Sajawal Ameer’s tragic demise has stirred outrage among the drivers of the ride-hailing services. It was the second incident of such kind in a space of a few weeks where both drivers lost their lives to robbers.

Police took action after a strong reaction from citizens and other drivers and as a result, three suspects in Sajawal murder case have been arrested.

The suspects have reportedly confessed to the murder of Sajawal as well.

The Arrested

Three suspects were arrested by Police who came from different cities of the country. One of the killers involved in the crime belongs to Afghanistan.


Careem Responds as Another Captain Comes Under Attack By Robbers

Following individuals were arrested by police on charges of theft and murder;

  • Sheraz from Rawalpindi.
  • Sajid from Mirpur, Azad Kashmir.
  • Parwaz from Afghanistan.

Police, after arresting all three suspects, told;

It was purely a crime [of theft and murder and not target killing]. Three suspects were involved and upon resistance, they killed the captain. All three suspects have been arrested and murder weapon has also been recovered.


Controversy as Careem Captain is Shot Dead in Islamabad

Sajawal Ameer was shot five times near the Lakho area of Rawalpindi. He resisted to let robbers flee with his car and it cost him his life.

The driver was rushed to the hospital, however, he couldn’t survive the injuries and tragically died a day later.

The suspects in the case were arrested after Careem provided authorities with the relevant passenger data of those who booked the car.

Careem CEO in Pakistan said that the authorities need to take stern measures to ensure the safety of Careem drivers. He further added that Careem is making efforts to ensure driver safety as well.

The CEO said that the company is considering to limit the service to certain areas of Islamabad until the law and order situation gets better.

    • Yes, ignore the 2 other men from Pakistan, blame it on the Afghans nationality. Like Trump and Muslims. Smart man.

      Sheraz from Rawalpindi.
      Sajid from Mirpur, Azad Kashmir.
      Parwaz from Afghanistan.

      • I am pretty sure that Sheraz and Sajid will be Aghans who have bought the NADRA card.
        In the end when govt. wants to take action against them then they suddenly start playing the Pukhtoon card and ethnic parties then use them for political benefits..

  • The issue being discussed here is a crime and people have started usual talk instead of focussing on increasing security of drivers

  • careem should implement cnic verification system without cnic proof a user cant use careem if in future this incident happens again the acc owner will take all the responsibility and if their account is compromised they should inform helpline for account lock etc.

    • It would be just easier to have cameras in each cab which will record and have live connection to base. This should be supplemented with an alarm button within the steering, which can alert the base incase the captain faces a hold up.
      Live streaming will help identify the culprits and alarm will help base to send help directly to the captain via GPS tracking.
      This way not only will robbers be scared but be caught before they can actually take lives.
      This is being done in other countries (like UAE and USA) and can easily be implemented in Pakistan as well — it will save the lives of everyone involved without any hassles.

  • The driver should have not resisted. Careem may have helped to find them even if he did not resist

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