HEC Bans MPhil and PhD Programs of 13 Universities

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has barred 13 universities from enrolling students in MPhil and Ph.D. distance learning programs. The reason behind this is noncompliance of universities with the HEC approved guidelines.

After conducting physical visits to the campuses, HEC found that the universities lack the adequate faculty.

Around 4,000 students will be impacted by this decision. However, HEC has directed the institutions to shift these students to regular programs of the universities.


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Banned Universities

Following universities were banned by the HEC Quality Assurance Division;

  • International Islamic University, Islamabad;
  • Virtual Campus, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Islamabad,
  • University of Peshawar, Peshawar;
  • Gomal University, Dera Ismail Khan;
  • Government College University, Faisalabad;
  • University of Agriculture, Faisalabad;
  • The University of Faisalabad;
  • Islamia University, Bahawalpur;
  • Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan;
  • Sukkur IBA;
  • Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur;
  • University of Sindh, Jamshoro and
  • University of Balochistan, Quetta.


HEC HAT: New Test Announced for Scholarships to MS & MPhil Programmes

HEC’s letter sent out to the universities reads;

Further admissions in any of the distance education programs being offered by universities are stopped immediately till finalisation of recommendation by the committee.

Admissions to these universities have been banned until further notice by HEC.

No Proper Policy

It is pertinent to mention here that HEC is yet to formulate any policy regarding the distance learning programmes. HEC checks the quality of these programs on the basis of the same policy that is implemented for regular degree programs.

HEC has drafted a new policy regarding distance learning programmes, however, it has not been approved yet. Currently, 70,000 students are enrolled in the distance learning programs in different universities across the country.

  • I m teaching at a Univ, and I can’t believe the standard of education ….. except 10% of the students are serious and everybody is ready to cheat ….. haramkhor hogaye hein students aaj ke

    • If you teach well and with friendly nature and not abuse students, they have eager to learn. Maybe not all but some of them are brilliant students. So instead of abusing, you should look to improve yourself. Oky?

      • so i should improve myself? what? the methods to cheat? :) ……. pls broaden your vision other than to blame teachers …….

      • I m not saying that every teacher is teaching with responsibility ….. there are bad ones, but yes I m utilizing my 20 years practical experience of field and professional teaching ….. and I did my bachelors from the best engineering univ of karachi, then MS, followed by MBA, finally into Ph.D

        parents cannot interfere in their child’s activities ……. they are so much indulged, that they want to keep in that ……

        the problem of this generation is mobile addiction….. in class they are using it infront of teachers, during lectures ….. some even used to attend calls ….
        non seriousness in assignments, no research, all they want to notify them sites to cover their assignments …… and last but not least, study on the day of exam

        10%-20% who are ahead of time, attending classes regularly and they get marvelous grades ….

        the above is the university scenario …….

        i bet you go to any school and ask any general knowledge questions, and you’ll get your answer that how interested children of this generation are ……

        pity …….


  • The quality of education in M.Phil and PhD has deteriorated in recent years. Mainly because HEC’s standard aren’t quite as top notch as they should be. Banning such courses is only a quarter of solution. But then i don’t trust anything from these people because i hardly think these education ministers are appointed via proper channels.

  • Must take action against the black sheep who are sitting in universities and check their level too

  • Something of note has gone amiss in the discussions on this article ; it is the distance learning programmes for mphil and phd in these universities that shall be axed under this policy . Period . Distance learning research degrees are difficult to manage to begin with . Let us yet again be clear , the regular mphil , phd programmes are here to stay , whether they end up producing quality research , is a different matter altogether ?

  • then HEC / banned Universities must pay the fee + fines to waste the struggles and time of students.


  • These are degrees pertaining to Distance Education. Our university does not have any MPhil and PhD in Distance education. Its name included in list simply because we have the Distance education program. We are trying to improve education quality, one of the biggest issue of higher education in Pakistan. To improve the education quality, a lot of statutory work has been completed within last one year. We have not only implemented semester system in its true spirit but have also rationalised various teaching programs and university faculty. Though we faced many issues because we do not accept positive change and love inertia. With the help of Allah almighty and support of my team, things start rolling in right direction. In Shaa Allah, Things would further improve in coming days.

  • Virtual Campus, mean all Campuses of Virtual University of Pakistan??????
    Which is distance education system for all who did not attend regular study. That is banned????

    • Ni Bhai, virtual University Ni hai list me. Virtual campus of comsats list me hai

  • Numl is also included in this list. Phd in Numl has been proscribed.

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