Here’s Why You Should Use an EasyPaisa Mobile Account

There are times when going to a Mobile retailer for sending and receiving payments, topping up your mobile credit or even standing in the long queues to pay bills and challans can be a huge hassle. Don’t you wish if there was a way to avoid all this and get things done wherever you are?

Turns out there is a way. The Easy Paisa Mobile Account can help you do all this and more, all from your phone.


EasyPaisa – Making Life Easier

Easy Paisa, being one of the pioneers of branchless banking in Pakistan, has made it much easier for you to carry out the most of your financial transactions without getting stuck in a bank for hours.

With an Easypaisa Mobile Account, you don’t even need to go to an Easypaisa shop anymore, as you get to avail the services such as send/receive money, challan payment and subscribe to Telenor bundles at a discounted price!

How To Get Started

It’s easy and simple enough.

Just dial *786# from your Telenor SIM to register your Easypaisa Mobile account.

To make it more convenient for you, Easypaisa sets your unique mobile number as your mobile bank account number as well. If you are using any other cellular network, you can still use the EPMA (Easypaisa mobile account) App on your smartphone.

Simply download the app and sign up for free!

Why Easypaisa?

In addition to sending money or paying bills, wouldn’t you want to be able to credit your mobile phone balance without having to go to the market / retailer? With EPMA you can do that too!

You can make use of ‘Easyload’ feature. EPMA lets you pay your postpaid bills and recharge your prepaid SIM regardless of the network you are using.

For Telenor users, Easypaisa mobile account offers the ‘super recharge offer’ with which they can enjoy free Telenor minutes, MBs & SMS on using Easyload through EPMA for any amount from Rs. 30, 60 or 100!

For more details on the packages on offer, visit this link.


Get 10% Discount on Telenor Packages with Easypaisa!

Great for Online Shopping

EasyPaisa offers you great value. When you shop online, using your EPMA, you get to enjoy huge discounts off your purchases! Almost all major Pakistani online stores have partnered with Easypaisa, ensuring that you get the best bang for your rupee.

With so many advantages, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t be using EasyPaisa Mobile Account. Get your account activated today, and enjoy convenience, savings and more.

  • “On maintaining a minimal amount of daily balance, you get to avail free minutes for your Telenor number.”

    Getting reward for keeping minimum balance, is like earning Interest.

    • Stealing electricity and water is haraam but the majority of Pakistanis do it anyway.

        • only for muslims. interest is great for non-mulsims.

          for muslims even keeping money in the bank is a bad thing because banks will lend that money out at interest. you are helping perpetuate the interest based financial system you hate so much.

          in fact even using fiat currency is not allowed in islam. only gold and silver currency is allowed.

          looking at pictures of people is not allowed. you should shut down your PC.

      • Back then, Banks were only run by governments and government charging extra money besides cash was considered sood. Today, there are both government and private banks. If private banks stop charging tax/sood/interest, they will go bankrupt.

      • So your logic is that as they steal electricity justifies to do everything wrong ?
        In that case those stealing electricity can slap you tight and it will be so justified too (as per you).

    • Interest is great. However this isn’t really interest. They are fooling people by paying them a pittance. Most banks in Pakistan are engaged in this business. Foolish Muslims keep their money in current accounts because of some bullshit belief that interest is wrong. Banks mint money by borrowing interest free from depositors and loaning it out at interest to the government. It’s risk free too because the government cannot default (it just prints more rupees). The funny thing is that these pious believers don’t like to earn interest themselves but are happy to help banks earn interest!

  • When you buy things with easypaisa online the courier guys ask for a copy of your CNIC before handing over the goods. You don’t get asked for ID when you pay with cash. Given the fact that ID theft is so rampant in Jihadistan (remember forced biometric verification of SIMs?) giving ID copies to random delivery personnel is not something I’m particularly keen on.

    I think I know why they ask for ID. It is because, unlike cash, easypaisa payments can be recalled or reversed. So merchants are forced to police their customers. Easypaisa needs to make its payment system irreversible even in the face of allegations of fraud. Otherwise it’ll never replace cash in Jihadistan.

    • You should stop using any Pakistani site since you hate your own country so much you should probably leave as well and go live in a better country.

      • Can’t leave man. Green passport has the worst reputation in the world because of all the terrorism you people do.

        Also not my country. I just live here.

        • Are you sure you live in Pakistan and its not some self righteous bubble.
          Guessing by your logic you are probably some Afghani guy who thinks Afghanistan is their true country.

  • I think this is most stupid article on propakistani. The situation of is quite different in reality. Like all stupid taxes on Telecom sector you also have to pay when you charge your account or withdraw money from it. So all these eatepaisa mobiliblink Cash are all useless stuff. Simple online banking is still better alternative.

  • If you want to add money to your easypaisa account what options are available
    1. Deposit cash to your account through easypaisa shop (they demand 100-300 rupees more than deposit amount)
    2. Transfer amount from other banks through IBFT facility which most of the bank’s mobile/Web facility don’t allow you to do it because from bank list your can’t find telenor micro finance bank)
    So it’s very difficult to up and running your easypaisa account. After so many complaints, official don’t bother to rectify the issues related to deposit.

  • I think there is one reason , the taxes and deductions on transaction, while paying bills like this, will not satisfy the society who spend whole life, paying manually..

  • EasyPaisa is a greate service but the only hassle(which is the most important I believe) is transferring funds using IBFT. I can’t transfer funds using internet banking to my easypaisa account and it’s quite hectic to go to EP shop and have cash deposited in EP mobile account. This should be looked into by Telenor.

      • Which bank account are you using? I’ve Alfalah and Askari. Alfalah does’t have Talenor bank in list of banks and when i transfer using askari, i get error.

  • They have deactivated my account from 2 years and i have still my money stuck in it. They tell me to enter a command and send it to following code and it doesnt work. Such a failure company and brand. Ali pay will be useless if they want to partber with them

  • close