Here Are the Revised Driving License Rates in Islamabad

Islamabad Traffic Police requires driving license applicants to pay several fees for their applications. Those rates have now been revised by the authority. If you are planning to get one, you should check out this list before visiting the ITP office.

Along with cash, you will also need several attested photocopies of your CNIC. ITP offices (and pretty much every driving license office in Pakistan) are highly crowded and your turn may take hours to come. To save yourself some trouble, it’s advisable to take along all the necessary paperwork and things you might need to get your license in the first visit.


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Also, try to visit the offices as early as possible – ITP closes at 4 PM and does not open on Saturdays. Anyhow, here’s a list of all the different fees which ITP charges:

#CategoryNew Learner Driving License Renewal for Learner Driving LicensePermanent Driving License – 5 yearsRenewal Within 30 Days of Expiry – 5 yearsRenewal After One Year – 5 yearsRenewal After 3 Years – 5 years
2Motor Car300150120070015004000

Other Fees

  • Urgent card printing fee: 400
  • Digital driving license: 400
  • Driving test fee: 400

Renewal Fees

  • Duplicate license: 1200
  • Conversion & addition (Endorsement): 1200
  • Restoration of driving license if suspended:
    • 10,000 on 1st restoration.
    • 20,000 on 2nd restoration.
    • 3rd restoration cannot be availed.

  • Syed Shahid Ali

    Fees are same for all?

  • Xahid

    That’s reasonable fee structure.

  • Ali Salman

    Do they issue driving licenses for NRPs having driving license obtained overseas without test, like in some countries ?