Khyber Mail Upgrade Makes it Competitive with International Train Services

In a bid to improve the standards and quality of travel, Pakistan Railways has been working on revamping the trains as well as the stations to some extent. The latest effort to improve the outlook of Pakistan Railways, the Khyber Mail has been laced with modern facilities to offer a lavish traveling experience.

Lahore to Karachi train service, Khyber Mail’s new look is promising with upgrades made to 50 coaches including all classes. The revamp took place in April and the new images have surfaced over the media showing a vast improvement in the train service.

Khyber Mail Indoor upgrade

From comfortable seats to TV sets and WiFi, the newly introduced additions are pleasant. Not just this, there are no more dirty washrooms and unusable water taps and sinks to annoy you while traveling on Khyber Mail.

Khyber Mail coach upgrade

Khyber Mail Toilet

Khyber Mail Seats

Pakistan Railways has seen quite a few downs in the past years, however, there have been a few improvements as well.

While the numbers say otherwise, with the national railway suffering losses in each fiscal year from 2013 to 2018, the standards have improved somewhat.

  • Rs 30.50 billion in 2012-13,
  • Rs 32.52 billion in 2013-14,
  • Rs 27.24 billion in 2014-15,
  • Rs 26.99 billion in 2015-16,
  • Rs 40.7 billion in 2016-17

The losses are a huge concern for the new Minister of Railways and financial issues need to be addressed at the earliest for the greater good of the country.

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