foodpanda Rolls Out Eid Campaign to Celebrate Its Heroes

This Eid we are all looking forward to meeting our friends and loved ones, hoping to partake in the joys of siwayaaan, puris, qormas and biryanis and more. After all, the month of Ramadan has concluded and its time for celebrations, treats and Eidis all around.

But not many people realize that the joys we take for granted during Eid, there are a lot of people who work in the background to make it possible. Take for instance foodpanda’s team and its partner restaurants who are hard at work to ensure that your time with loved ones is memorable.

Be it the courteous and patient call center staff, the meticulous chefs who prepare your meals, and the hard-working riders who ensure that your orders reach you on time – everyone has a crucial role to play here.

Foodpanda celebrates their dedication on a day when most of us will be busy connecting with relatives and friends and family. After all, half a million customers trust the nation’s most popular food delivery platform to ensure a lot of smiles this Eid.

In that spirit, foodpanda has debuted its newest campaign that celebrates the people who keep the orders rolling in. The campaign also aims to highlight how the customers’ encouragement and support can mean the world to the chefs, riders, call center personnel and other stakeholders who work tirelessly day in and day out for you.

With every order you make, foodpanda will personalize it with Eid cards. After all, its all about the personal touch.

This Eid, order with foodpanda. But more than that, make sure to share the love with the people who make our Eid special.

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