Get Free Delivery on Eid Holidays through TCS Sentiments Express

Online shopping brands always find difficult to deliver orders especially near Eid Holidays. That is the reason why online platforms give cut off day’s week before Eid holidays so that maximum orders can be delivered on Eid.

Despite of closure of bookings, still customers unable to get many orders on time due to heavy loads on courier partners. Another fact is that customers always activate shopping in the last days of Ramadan or nearer to Eid which shifts majority of shopper into offline market.

But TCS Sentiments is the only brand that is delivering and booking your Eid orders all three days of Eid. So if customers have forget to greet their loved ones and sitting far away!

Then this is the best chance for them to greet their relatives, family and friends with specialized delivery network of TCS Sentiments that is active even on Eid holidays.

TCS Sentiments is not only booking orders nationwide but also provided free delivery services to all the orders. Along with this, Silkbank customer can also avail 30% discount by applying “SENTISILK30” at checkout which is valid till 15th June.

A large variety of sweets, cakes, flowers, customized family baskets and chocolates are available to be delivered. Thousands of orders have already been booked online and the booking is still on. You can book your Eid delivery orders by clicking here.

TCS Sentiments has once again ruled online gifts in Pakistan by providing a service that is not available with any other brand with free of cost services of delivery.

Head over to and greet your loved ones a very special and warm Eid ul FItr.

  • Leopard courier service has the worst service i have ever experienced with, it took more than 10 days to deliver my parcel from daraz, i am still waiting for two more parcels from daraz. Daraz should should use tcs instead of this crap leopard.

    • It’s not up to Daraz to choose the courier. Every product sold on Daraz is by a different seller. The seller will have an agreement with a specific courier usually, probably because it’s cheaper and use that courier to ship all orders.

      I’ve had plenty of orders from Daraz shipped through TCS.

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