Samsung Galaxy S10 Could Have a New Super Wide-Angle Camera and More

Samsung’s Galaxy S series is among the hottest flagship lineups that is always under a spotlight.

And just like before, the smartphone community is hyped and awaits the Korean giant’s upcoming Galaxy S10 lineup, everyone expects it to make a major “bang” in the market as the S10 will mark Samsung’s 10th Anniversary. Companies, as big as Samsung, usually do something sweet to commemorate such occasions.

As popular as it is, numerous researchers and market analysts have been looking forward to the S10, and some leaked details related to it are already surfacing around the web. It’s still far from its projected launch date, which is why there are not many details available from credible sources as of yet.

Noteworthy Source

However, SamMobile a Samsung firmware host and a pretty much Samsung-focused website with a good standing in the community, has leaked something interesting.

The website claims that one of the S10 models – expected to have three variants this time instead of the conventional duo – will have a side-mounted fingerprint sensor and the flagship S10+ will have a triple camera arrangement that includes a “super wide angle” lens.


Samsung Galaxy S10+ Could Come with a 6.44-Inch Screen

The flagship trio will include a 6.44-inch plus version, a standard 6.22-inch variant, and lastly, a cheaper 5.8-inch S10. Much like the previous lineup, the 5.8-inch version is going to have a flat display instead of a curved one in the higher end models, but is expected to boast a side-mounted fingerprint sensor to keep it relevant and interesting.

The two premium versions are likely to have in-display fingerprint sensors. This technology is highly likely to be included by Samsung as some Chinese brands have already added it into their flagships.

Triple Cameras?

As for the S10+’s triple camera arrangement, the third lens is going to be a super wide angle lens, unlike Huawei’s iteration (for the P20 Pro) that consisted of telephoto-monochrome configuration instead.

According to rumors, the third lens on the Samsung flagship will have a 123-degree viewing angle, at an f/1.9 aperture, and will be capable of taking 16 MP resolution photos. As for the other two shooters, they are going to include a 12 MP dual-aperture primary camera and a 13 MP f/2.4 telephoto sensor.


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So this configuration is quite similar to LG’s set up, except the secondary telephoto shooter of course, and will let users switch between wide-angle photography to a dual-cam setup that does well in both day and night.

Still, the wide-angle lens is not expected to have OIS or autofocus, so it might be a pain to record videos with it, LG’s wide-angle lens has had these features since G5.

We still don’t know what the standard set up for the two low-end variants for the S10 will comprise of. Stay in touch, and we’ll keep you posted when more info becomes available.