Apple Edges Out Samsung Over Smartphone Failure Rate: Report

Just in case you plan on making a smartphone purchase for the long-term (if that is even possible), here’s a little something which should help you.


Security firm Blancos has done comprehensive research on the longevity of Apple’s iPhones, and things seem to have improved in terms of critical failures in recent times.

Top ten ios failure rates by model

The top of the list includes 2014’s iPhone 6 at a stunning 22%, which, if you remember, was affected severely by the bendgate saga. The next year’s iPhone 6S followed with 16%. The plus versions seem to fare much better than non-Plus variants.

The good news is that the recent iPhones rank towards the lower half of the list. The iPhone X, for all its AMOLED concerns, has a failure rate of only 3%. The iPhone 8 wasn’t featured at all, while the 8 Plus comes at a similar 3%.


Apple and Samsung Settle Long-Running Dispute Out of Court

iPads also seem to fare better than iPhones in general, with the iPad Air 2 coming in towards the end of the table with a 4% failure rate.

Better Than Samsung

However, the improvements in the iPhone ecosystem aren’t representative of the smartphone industry in general. Blancos reports that none of the iPhones had a critical failure higher than the failure rate of Samsung devices, which peaked at 27.4%.


It failed to report which model exactly was pushing the number so darn high, which is a shame as that would’ve made for an interesting read. It does indicate, however, that the rest of the Android manufacturers aren’t necessarily going in the same direction as Samsung.


  • Ab koi ye na keh de k Apple walon ne ProPakistani ko dollars diye hain iPhone ki publicity k liye ?

  • The article is totally ProApple. Every iPhone we bought ended up with a different problem within an year. Lately my sister’s iPhone7 Plus gone dead just by connecting a different charging cable that belongs to iPhone6s. Its internal board got fried in seconds. She ended up paying 80% amount to exchange new phone from same authorized Apple Store where she bought it. Mostly there have been issues with the screen, battery, phone charging, sensor issues, bending issues, screen fading issues, screen spot issues, frequent charger issues.

    Compared to the Samsung phones I have bought I found iPhone failure ratio is more than twice here. This apple is not just built for tough usage.

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