Over Rs 1 Billion in Penalties Waived Off for Bureaucrats in Housing Scheme

Bureaucrats in the capital were provided a waiver of Rs 1 billion after they failed to make payments on time for a housing scheme. The questionable move was given the go-ahead by the then opposition leader and Chairman Public Accounts Committee (PAC) Syed Khursheed Shah.

In 2012, Pakistan Housing Authority (PHA) Foundation initiated a housing scheme for retired federal government officers of grade 20, 21, and 22. The society was to be built near Kuri Road Islamabad. However, it was hit with delays due to the late payments by the allottees.

The Scheme and Possible Scam

To ensure timely payments and smooth cash flow, PHA decided to fine anyone who didn’t make the payments within the deadline. The total delayed payment charges amounted to Rs 1.04 billion, all of which was surprisingly waived off initially by the board of directors of PHA. The Auditor General of Pakistan raised the issue about this shady waiver in its 2015-16 report as well.


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The issue was brought up to the PAC on April 11, 2018, under the chairmanship of Syed Khursheed Shah. Despite being listed amongst the talking points of the meeting, the issue and the matter of waived penalties were never discussed.

Instead, the Ministry of Housing and Works was shocked to learn that PAC had sent a memorandum waving off the late payment charges from the officers of the housing scheme.

PHA’s Letter

In response to the surprising decision by PAC, the then PHA Foundation Chief Executive Officer Jameel Ahmed Khan wrote a letter to the National Assembly Secretariat. He explained the negative ripple effects of the decision stating that other housing societies would demand the same waiver. The letter read:

The allottees of completed projects could also use this relaxation as a precedent and could knock the doors of courts and federal ombudsman for similar benefit.

It will be unfair to waive off it for retired secretaries, additional secretaries and joint secretaries of 20, 21, 22 grade but nothing for those who spend their careers saving money for such project.

He added that board of directors PHA rejected such waiver requests due to the fear of above-mentioned outcomes. He further said that it will be unfair to the low-grade officers to not provide them any benefit in terms of the waiver.


  • The bureaucrats (white elephants) at Islamabad & Rawalpindi are 99% punjabi speaking people. From 17 to 22 scale all are from same Punjab province. These fetal virus of the treasury of the country are not so prominent but they have been plundering, looting, snatching, thieving, mis-using the tax money of the people of Pakistan via false, fake demand on money through AGPR/ CBR etc. Mr. Khursheed has dis-closed a little corruption of these Punjabi Mafias that bureaucrats in the capital were provided a waiver of Rs 1 billion after they failed to make payments on time for a housing scheme. There is no check & balance system in this country. The free country of Hazrat Quide-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah is under hijack since 1958 by Rawalpindi Mafias and relatives of the same Mafias have been enjoying at Capital city of Pakistan (Islamabad). A bloody revolution is the crying need of the time to get free Pakistan from these Mafias.

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