Supreme Court Allows Overseas Pakistanis to Vote Online in Upcoming By-Polls

In a recent development that is sure to please expatriate Pakistanis, the Supreme Court has ordered NADRA, ECP and other stakeholders to ensure that citizens of Pakistan who reside overseas can cast their votes in the upcoming by-polls on October 25.

The move is aimed at empowering overseas Pakistanis who continue to bring in invaluable foreign exchange for the country, and are enthusiastic about doing their part in choosing the next leaders in their home country.


Here’s How the Online Voting System Will Work in Pakistan

For this project, NADRA will be readying the i-voting platform in order to ensure that Pakistani nationals in overseas countries can have their say in the upcoming by-polls expected to be held on October 25th.

The upcoming by-elections will be held in 25 constituencies in the country on October 25. Election Commision of Pakistan will have the final say on the e-voting system once it is tested for the by-polls.

According to available details, NADRA is readying the website which will allow overseas Pakistanis to register themselves as online voters. It is expected that about 7 million Pakistanis will have the facility to vote through the i-voting platform.

A three-member bench headed by Chief Justice Saqib Nisar has ordered that the system for enabling overseas Pakistanis to vote should be set up at the earliest, so as to avoid any mishaps. The failure of the RTS (Results Transmissions System) in the recently concluded general elections 2018, which was blamed on NADRA and ECP, has put the spotlight on the two government organizations. It is hoped that the i-voting system doesn’t suffer the same fate as RTS.

It should be mentioned that before the general elections, the system to allow overseas Pakistanis to vote was already in place, with a website and guide set up as well. However, due to undisclosed reasons, NADRA backed out of launching the e-voting system, stating that the system was not ready to be deployed.

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