Afghan and Bangladeshi Refugees Born in Pakistan to Be Given Citizenship

There is good news for Pakistani-born Bangladeshi and Afghan refugees in Pakistan as Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has announced Pakistani citizenship for such people in an effort to curb street crime in the country.

The premier visited Karachi on Sunday where he was briefed about the law and order situation in the city. Mr Khan showed his concerns over the alarming number of cases of street crimes, especially in the metropolis.

Intelligence agencies, Sindh Police and the Rangers representatives were present in the meeting chaired by Imran Khan. PTI Chairman sought suggestions from the authorities to de-weaponize the city and directed them to ensure a secure environment in Karachi.

There is no social security system and hundreds of thousands of unregistered Afghans and Bangladeshis are living in this metropolis. They cannot get ID cards and passports and this is why they are denied jobs.

Mr Khan was of the view that the increasing unemployment leads to a surge in the crime rates which is exactly the case in Karachi. Owing to this, PM announced to grant CNIC and passports to the refugees born in Pakistan.

Talking about the environmental issues in Karachi, Mr Khan directed the provincial government to clean the city within two months otherwise the federal government would have to intervene and devise a strategy for a ‘Green Karachi’.

Featured Image Source: Al-Jazeera

Via Tribune

Feature Writer

    • The afghan refugees lived here, enjoyed benefits as locals and still hate & curse us, same is the attitude of Bengalis !!!!!

  • Its some what popular decedion of govt for their voters but not that should be. But govt should minimise its impact by making sure this applies from n certain date like latest possible to mini minimise the impact especially law n order issues related to it from one side of our border n its immigrants.

  • How can anyone say that simply giving criminals CNIC and passports will reduce crime? Has CNIC and passports carrying people never comitted crime?

  • There must be a very very strict criteria for going ahead with this.

    – Applicants must not have any criminal or terrorism past for minimum of past 20 years,
    – must have only used legalized entry/exit from Pakistan to Afghanistan and back,
    – must have lived continuously in Pakistan for a certain requisite time in years, and
    – must not ever be flagged by law enforcement for communication with any known or suspected terrorists or such organizations.

    While on that note, what about Pakistanis stranded in Bangladesh post-1971? Should they not be accommodated first on priority?

    • Pakistanis stranded in Bangladesh (Biharis) must be given citizenship and brought back to Pakistan instead of giving citizenship to Afghan and Bangladeshi Refugees.

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