Apple Releases iOS 12 for iPhone 5S and Above

At its last iPhone event, Apple announced the release date of its iOS 12 update. Well, that time is now.

Apple is now releasing updates of its software releases, chief of which is iOS 12. The update will hit iOS devices going all the way back to 2013’s iPhone 5s, as well as the original iPad Air/Pro models, iPad Mini 2 and the 6th-gen iPod Touch.

What’s New?

Apple iOS 12
Screentime on iOS12

In terms of new features, the update brings Siri shortcuts to the iPhone, Do Not Disturb mode, and Screen Time, for controlling the amount of time you spend watching the display.

Siri shortcuts on iOS 12
Siri shortcuts on iOS 12

There’s also the addition of new AR experiences on iOS, which will allow the creation of newer, dynamic app experiences. Memoji brings the Animoji feature to your messages, while notifications are bunched together more efficiently.

Memoji on iOS12
Memoji on iOS12

Lastly, there are a bunch of performance improvements, including up to twice as fast app launches, with special attention given to the keyboard and camera launches, two features of utmost importance for iPhone users.


A Comprehensive Guide to the Features in iOS 12

watchOS and tvOS

The company also unveiled watchOS 5, the latest release for the Apple Watch, as well as tvOS 12, which is the latest release for Apple’s set-top box, the Apple TV.

WatchOS, in particular, brings the new Walkie Talkie mode, which makes it much easier to communicate with other Watch users on the go. There’s updated Podcasts, as well as newer Watch Faces and complications for better customization.

Finally, there are visual improvements such as Shortcuts and better notifications. If you haven’t received an OTA update for iOS 12 yet, be patient, you’ll get it soon.

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