Apple’s iPhone XS Max Costs Nearly $450 to Make

Every year, following the release of the latest iPhone, we roll out a list of components and their individual cost showing how much they actually cost to build. For this year, we’re looking at the iPhone XS Max first, the most expensive iPhone ever.

And according to TechInsights, the 256 GB Apple phone costs around $443 to build, when you sum up the cost of components together. Compare that with its cost in the market, which is $1,249, or a whopping $806 higher than what its parts cost.

By contrast, last year’s 64 GB iPhone X cost $395. Here’s how it compares to last year’s iPhone X:

apple iphone x vs iphone xs max

Individual Costs

As you’d expect, the bulk of the cost comes from the display, which costs slightly more than last year at $80 (last year’s cost $77). This is despite it being bigger than before. Apple saved a bit, $10, by removing some components associated with 3D Touch, which helped keep the costs slightly lower.

Next is the processor/modem unit, which costs $72, $6 more than last year. The A12 Bionic is the first mobile processor to be built on 7nm, so that’s expected.

Storage costs $64, though, as we told recently here’s where Apple makes a bulk of increasing returns for a not-so-much increase in cost. The camera setup is next at $44.

The RF antennas are cheaper than last year, though, pretty much every component is more expensive than it used to be last year.

Additional Costs

Naturally, the cost only includes that of components needed to manufacture the phone, and not secondary ones such as supply chain, after-sales support, etc.

Still, the hefty profit Apple makes is clear as ever, with the phone starting at $1099 for the base model and $1249 for the 256 GB variant which was tested here.

If you want to know about all the Apple mobiles, here’s a list of the latest Apple mobiles price in Pakistan and their specs.

  • So,What ?
    High Range Specs Phone with Low Range Price it’s to be good
    Achi QEEMAT Main ACHI Cheez He Milti hai
    Aur Itni Qeemat Mani Ek Sim Slot With No CARD Option & No Fingerprint in new X

    • Chanda aqal istemaal karlo. $450 me sirf hardware hai, camera ka software, OS waghera free nahi hota, sath me marketing costs aur R&D b hoti hai. Itni bari company ki operating costs ka andaza lagana b mushkil hai. Agar itna asaan hai to mujh se $500 lelena mujhe Note 9 to bana k dedo.

      • Aqal istmal kry ga to kam parr jay ge
        Note 9 k liy Note 3 muj say lyny ke ijazat b dy dein cheeku ha abi bechara

      • Bhai agr ap estimate lagayen k apple 1 million sets nikalti hai. Agr 1 phone ki price pe $10 b extra lagayen to $100 million (Rs 124 billion) Apple ka profit . Ab ye $806/set ziadti nahi?

    • Wahab bhai R&D cost bhi koi cheez hoti hai agar iPhone aur Samsung naa hote to ap Xiaomi, vivo, OnePlus, Huawei mein iPhone wala look kaise dekh paate
      Aur upcoming mate 20 pro bhi iPhone aur Samsung ki copy hai, notch from iPhone aur curved display from Samsung

  • I don’t understand why people bother to compare the component cost with completely manufactured a device. No one would be able to make a phone with just these components. When there is no detail of how much investment was made for component development, R&D, Software development, Labor cost, Manufacturer deal, shipping costs, etc why someone will waste time calculating this. People who do this are idiots.

  • These “phone x costs y to manufacture” posts are highly misleading and completely pointless. Yes, you can calculate how much the hardware costs to manufacture and assemble, but you never factor in how much it went into the coding, how much went into the R&D, marketing budget, etc. If you think that putting the hardware together will get you an iPhone XS or Note 9 then go ahead and spend $450 and build yourself the XS.

    Apple and Samsung have actual facilities and stores that they maintain, software and hardware engineers that they pay, marketing budgets that they put aside just to market these phones.

  • Yeh jo costing ki h laaazmi Xiamo waalo se mil kr betha h… Surely the phone doesnt costs that much cheap

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