This COMSATS Engineer is Saving Thousands of Lives with His Invention

Pakistan is home to oodles of talent. From sports to art to science, this land has produced legends in almost every walk of life.

Where some people shoot to fame for their skills and talent, others remain away from the limelight, either by fate or by choice.

Today we are introducing you to a brilliant mind – the creator of a device which saves tens of lives every day across various hospitals in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Meet Mohsin Rafiq, the electrical engineer from COMSATS who, along with his brother, pursued an engineering degree to make their father proud and later went on to make the country proud.

Mohsin’s father is an electrical technician at Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar. He was always good with the electrical stuff but deep down, he had a dream to be an electronics engineer. The circumstances did not allow him to pursue his dream and so he started to work at the hospital.

Mohsin and his brother, however, studied harder and got admission in electronics in COMSATS Abbottabad.

What happened next? Let the hero tell his tale.

“My father worked as an electrical technician at the hospital, he would repair and maintain different apparatus used in surgeries. One day he brought home a German device and asked me to inspect if I could repair it. I was in the final year of my degree.”

“My father further told me that the device was expensive and was imported from Germany, he and other technicians have failed to figure out how to repair it.”

Mohsin and his brother not only fixed the device, but they also went on to design and develop a better and cheaper electrosurgical instrument called Aprus which removes tumors, cuts tissues, and seals blood vessels more hygienically and precisely than other devices, saving patients from needless suffering and complications.

Mohsin is now pursuing a PhD at CECOS University, Peshawar and is now working with the city’s National Incubation Center. His hard work and struggle have now transformed into a business that is taking off.

“Now our product can compete with any on quality and continues to improve. National and international markets are next, Inshallah. To date, 80 units, installed in 80 clinics and hospitals in KPK, have been utilized in over 10,000 surgeries.”

Mohsin is doing PhD on a latest ‘instant response technology’ that may help him minimize the thermal damage during the surgeries to make the device more efficient.

His research on the apparatus would be published in the Dutch scientific publisher, Elsevier’s prestigious book “Control Applications for Bio-medical Engineering Systems.

Via: Yusuf Hussain

  • Some one tell them to get their own made device registered. Form a business get it registered locally and have the device internationally recognized and go international.

    For cash/capital required you can go to a bank after it your device has been recognized internationally.

  • The device in question is an ESU (Electro Surgical Unit) which produces controlled electricity to operate ESU pencils for surgical cutting. This is not a very big deal as there are hundreds of these devices cheaply available now. In Sialkot we are making / replicating these and exporting these since 10~12 yrs.

    • That’s what I thought. From the picture, it looks like a simple PWM signal generator, a far cry from the complicated tumor removing, vessel sealing device mentioned in the article.

      • Well the ESU pencils or forceps attached to it works like a burning hot blade and as it cuts, the intense heat generated seals the surrounding tissue or vessels so there is not too much bleeding. It also gives off burning smoke of flesh that has to be sucked away in order for the Surgeon to see so there is a bit of truth in the article about its usage.

  • let me pop the bubble…
    * they reversed engineered a product.
    * they made it better… (go check same manufactures new models)
    * some ppl wants them to make it registered internationally is hilarious…. you didn’t invented it bhai, you’re making a product over someone else’s work.

    ajeeb qoam hey!

    • That’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard today. Remind me which company today is only selling products they invented? Did Sony invent TV? Philips invented the bulb? Apple invented mobiles? Congrats, you just made yourself look like a big fool.

      • instead of answering you I’ll just post this… just the headline… you’re not only a fool but an idiot too..

        “This COMSATS Engineer is Saving Thousands of Lives with His Invention”

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