Pakistan Railways Generates an Additional Rs.1 Billion in 50 Days of New Govt

Pakistan Railways has generated an additional revenue of Rs. 1 billion in the first 50 days of the new government, the Ministry of Railways has revealed in a press statement.

The statement released on Wednesday proclaimed that the Federal Minister for Railways, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad, has been working hard to increase the revenue of Pakistan Railways. As a result of which, the railways department has increased its revenue generation capacity.

As per the statement, the department had made Rs. 6.7 billion in the short stint of August to October this year, while back in 2017, the department could only make Rs. 5.7 billion during this period.


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According to the ministry, the capacity to generate more revenue has increased a lot in these 50 days.

Utilizing 10,913 Acres’ Barren Land for Revenue Generation

Pakistan Railways has also decided to utilize its 10,913 acres of barren land to diversify revenue generation. In its bid to generate additional revenue, it intends to carry out a number of projects under public-private partnership.

“The department owns 1,67,690 acres of land all over the country, out of which 90,326 is in Punjab, 39,428 in Sindh, 28,228 in Balochistan and 9,708 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa,” said an official in the Ministry of Railways.

According to the ministry official, 8,424 acres of barren land lays in Punjab, 1,346 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 263 in Sindh, and 880 in Balochistan.

He further informed that the department had utilized 1086 acres of land for Railway Housing Societies across four provinces while 806 acres of land was in the use of regular and non-regular Katchi Abadis.

“Pakistan Railways has reserved 12,808 acres of land in the four provinces for future operational use including 4364 acres in Punjab, 1800 acres in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 900 acres in Sindh and 5744 acres in Balochistan,” said the official.

He also stated that around 6,496 acres of land is leased out to several departments and private entities for revenue generation.

Via: Times of Islamabad 

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