StormFiber launches in Quetta: 7th City to Join Its Fiber Optic Broadband Network

Expanding its footprint rapidly, StormFiber is foraying into Baluchistan, providing the citizens of Quetta access to high speed internet, high definition TV and crystal clear voice calls.

Quetta is the seventh city to be added to StormFiber’s coveted Fiber To The Home (FTTH) network, joining the ranks of Karachi, Lahore, Multan, Hyderabad, Faisalabad and Peshawar.

This is the fourth city to be energized by StormFiber within the span of a year, following launches in Multan and Hyderabad in July. StormFiber announced its launch into Quetta, the provincial metropolis of Baluchistan, at an event organized at a local hotel with Senator Naseebullah Khan Bazai joining the event as its chief guest.

Popularly regarded as the “Fruit Garden of Pakistan” due to its numerous fruit orchards, Quetta is a small provincial metropolis, where the city and cantonment are striving to catch up with the pace of national urbanization. With students of the province flocking to Quetta for education, entrepreneurship is on the rise in the city, academic institutions such as BUITEMS and University of Baluchistan initiating programs to encourage such endeavors.

Access to reliable high speed internet will bolster the city’s struggle for development, spurring growth in all sectors. Ultra-fast and stable broadband service being an important catalyst for economic development in the modern era, the introduction of fiber-based gigabit internet connectivity of StormFiber (backed by Cybernet) will help Quetta to bridge the digital infrastructure gap and bring it on par with other global metropolitan cities. To further these national interests, StormFiber aims to deliver consistent internet services on FTTH infrastructure, along with HD television and crystal-clear voice services as it continues its expansion throughout Pakistan.

Senator Naseebullah Khan Bazai expressed his thoughts: “Fiber optic broadband internet access paves the way for opportunity and economic growth, allowing technological innovations prevalent in the more urbanized regions. StormFiber’s FTTH infrastructure will help fuel the economic engine of the province as a whole, making everything from telemedicine to remote workers a reality. Already, high speed broadband has been a contributing factor in the revitalization and development of urban cities throughout the developed world and we hope to leverage the same for our province as well.”

Speaking at the event, Mr. Fawad Yousuf Laher, Managing Director, StormFiber said “Our team set out nearly a decade ago with the vision to bring highly stable, ultra-fast broadband through fiber optics to every city in Pakistan. It’s high time that our people experience quality of life at par with that in developed countries, particularly when it comes to basic necessities such as the internet, which is instrumental for intellectual, social and economic development.”

Mr. Maroof Ali Shahani, Chief Operating Officer, Cyber Internet Services highlighted the impact of increased fiber broadband penetration on the GDP of countries, concluding “that both types of infrastructure – highways for transport and highways for information technology –carry equal importance on the road to economic development. A better-connected Pakistan translates to an increase in GDP, an increase in overall tax collection, improvements in the standard of living, and empowers vital facilities such as education, entrepreneurship and digital exports including software related outsourcing. In this effort, the role of government is vital, for ministerial and regulatory support encourages private sector to invest in technological interventions in the country with the aim of sustenance and social impact for the citizens of the country”.

He further added: “The vision of our management is grounded in the patriotic spirit of Pakistan, where we have always strived to make the entire country well connected. Baluchistan as a province, and Quetta as a city have not received the significance that they deserve. Despite being the largest province of Pakistan and the trade centre between Pakistan and various other countries, the intellectual and resource capitals have not been utilized to their core potential. Our idea of stepping into Baluchistan is to ignite the spirit of growth and prosperity, paving a way for the people of Baluchistan to enhance their standards of living. We believe that stepping in Quetta with our brand will mark as a milestone in this journey, and we aim to bring this city’s growth at par with not just the other metropolitan cities of Pakistan, but even with international cities like New York, London, Seoul and Beijing”

Left to Right: Fawad Laher, MD Stormfiber, Malik Afroz BUH Quetta, Ghulam Mohiuddin Head of Finance and Legal,Maroof Ali Shahani COO Cybernet,Senator Nasebullah Khan Bazai, MPA Ahmed Nawaz Baloch

StormFiber has entered Quetta with coverage in the following areas, intending to extend its reach into other parts of the city soon.

  • Model Town
  • Shahbaz Town Phase1,2,3,4
  • Jinnah Town
  • Samungli Housing Scheme
  • Arbab Town
  • Kakar Town
  • Lehri Gate
  • Gull Bagh

Sources report that StormFiber’s FTTH services have been well-received during its soft launch in the city.

The company is eager to bring fiber broadband and triple play services across the country, already working to accelerate further launches.

  • Adding more cities and poorly covering the ones they are already operating in. It’s been years and they haven’t even covered major portions of Lahore yet. Disappointing.

    • Maybe do some research before pointing fingers?
      They’re not allowed to expand everywhere, this is the issue with all FTTH ISPs in Pakistan. Limited coverage due to housing societies charging insane royalties or fees if they want to expand there and or not getting permission from government to lay their cables in some areas.

    • Maybe do some research before pointing fingers?
      They’re not allowed to expand everywhere, this is the issue with all FTTH ISPs in Pakistan. Limited coverage due to housing societies charging insane royalties or fees if they want to expand there and or not getting permission from government to lay their cables in some areas.

        • Welfare associations have literally no power whatsoever. The Bahria Town residents welfare association couldn’t do anything in its many years of operating, it was only because of an email to the CCP informing them of Bahria’s illegal agreement with PTCL that they have reluctantly agreed to allow Nayatel and Transworld here.
          As for communicating, just call them and ask if there is coverage in your area, if there isn’t, they’ll explain why, whether it’s due to permission issues or lack of demand etc.

      • It’s not that much black and white buddy, they never communicate why there is lack of coverage in certain areas. Permission issues are in just a few areas ONLY. I have done my research, thanks.

  • Tere ko kiya keera heh agar hum Quetta walon ko service mil rahi heh. Pakistan goes beyond just Karachi and Lahore.

  • “Our team set out nearly a decade ago with the vision to bring…”

    Says it all, apart from the photo ops. The vision gets dragged down as it meets reality, meaning nobody ever thought of a credible business plan with market research and realistic projections.

    With Rs 12000 installation fees, how many can afford such wonderful service, given that PTCL now is promoting 100Mbps fiber service in same posh areas with Rs 3/4000 installation fees and Rs 6500 per month service?

    You can always buy a Rs 2500-3500 Android Box from the market yourself for IPTV and voice apps etc. Why wait for cable TV?

    I doubt StormFiber has more than 1500-2000 connections in Lahore, and a similar figure in other cities. So when can they break even?

  • @hippy

    1. Your numbers are totally off. Instead of pontificating like a pompous person go to their website and see the promos. They are maybe 1/3 or 1/4 of the cost.

    2. Their customer numbers, I know are above 30,000. Even assuming the charge for FTTH is 12,000 a company like Nayatel has 40,000 customers just in Islamabad.

    3. I got their digital box on promo 2500 for 1 and 4000 for 2. Which is cheaper than android box. And android box is technically not allowed in Pakistan and kept getting blocked by PTA.

    Instead of doubting others business plans why don’t do some basic basic analysis.

    • Which numbers did I quote wrong?
      In which city does Storm have 30k subs? And who says Nayatel has 40k subs in Islamabad?

      Prove it to us. Don’t say “I know.”

      I checked the Storm site, now what installation fees discounts from Rs 12000 do they talk about?

      And when did PTA “technically” not allow Android Boxes? These are selling everywhere.

      And how is a Storm Rs 2500 or Rs 4000 promo cheaper than a Rs 2500 or Rs 3500 Android box? How are these Storm boxes better than Android Boxes in terms of IPTV, video streaming, games and all the apps and browsing you can do, not to mention downloading and recording too?

      Get your head straight. Talk facts before trolling…

  • @s hippy

    Were you hibernating over the last 5 years?
    FTTH prices have come down for installation for many companies running promos. I have 10mbps from StormFiber and I paid 5999 one time and got the first month free. My monthly bill is lower than ptcl 8mbps.

    Oh yeah and Nayatel has 50,000 customers as reported to PTA. Maybe they are lying (in your warped, cynical, dejected and hate filled view) but Nayatel pays its annual fees to PTA on this basis so perhaps just perhaps they have the sense to not overpay but over reporting customers. Duh?!!

    I suggest you restrict your comments to the health and beauty section maybe even just on mental health.

  • Salam Sir Plz Bring This Awesome Net To Nawa Killi ZarGhoon Abad Plz Sir We r just Tired from this Fking PTCL NET Plz sir

  • Hello sir, kindly expand your network to Hazara town and Mari Abad. these are big areas and you will get a very huge user of internet, People here are fed up with Ptcl. and it is big revolution that after a long time new competitive party has stand to challenge Ptcl for the first time in Quetta. i will appreciate your courage. hope you will response soon. and soon our people will enjoy your great service in Hazara Town and Mari Abad.

    with Regard.
    Mohammad Ali
    citizen of Quetta-Hazara town.

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