Significant Portion of Bahria Town Karachi Declared Illegal, Banks Stop Accepting Installments

In wake of Supreme Court’s decision to declare a major part of Bahria Town Karachi’s project illegal, banks have stopped accepting utility bills and installments of plots, bungalows, and residential units for the illegal part of the housing project from the allottees.

These developments are being termed as the biggest setbacks to the real estate developer since its establishment.

Allottees told ProPakistani that banks have stopped accepting payments against Bahria Town’s accounts.


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“Banks have not only stopped accepting installments but are also refusing to collect utility bills. Bahria Town has authorized two banks; one conventional and other Islamic, to collect bills,” an allottee told this scribe.

“I attempted to deposit my utility bills for electricity and maintenance charges in the authorized banks. But the banks refused to accept the payment stating its higher management has issued instructions not to accept payments,” he added.

A spokesperson of the Islamic bank confided to ProPakistani that in the wake of SC orders, the bank has stopped accepting installments of plots, and other property. However, he said the court orders are not applicable on payment of utility bills hence the bank is accepting the same.

In another development, Board of Revenue, Sindh, canceled the allotment of land to Malir Development Authority (MDA) which later swapped the same with Bahria Town.

This was decided in a meeting held at the Board of Revenue. ProPakistani obtained the minutes of the meeting, which were submitted by Sindh Government to the Supreme Court as part of the implementation measures.

The document shows the meeting was held on October 29, 2018 to discuss the apex court’s order regarding Bahria Town.


Supreme Court Orders Bahria Town to Pay Rs.14 Billion

The meeting was chaired by a senior member of the Board of Revenue. Secretary Land Utilization, Secretary Local Government, Director General MDA and Deputy Commissioner Malir also attended the meeting.

The meeting decided to provide the names of government officials involved in the illegal allotment of land to Bahria Town to the Supreme Court. The meeting went through the Supreme Court’s order dated November, 10 and April 05, 2018 and discussed measures to implement the same.

The meeting decided to withdraw the order to allot the land to MDA and handover the same the to Board of Revenue, Sindh.

Sindh Government has canceled the allotment of more than 25,685 acres of land. The revenue department withdrew the allotment order to hand over 14,617 acres of land to MDA on January 24, 2014 and also revoked the allotment of 11,068 acres of land to Bahria Town.

    • Uske saat aur innocent log bhi hojainge aur jo important development thi bhi rukjaiyegi ?
      Kaun banayega, Bahria Town Karachi Jama Masjid, Rafi Stadium ??

    • What good will the Malik Riaz on the Road bring to this nation?? We as a society are fkd up, with sick and twisted mentality, 2ndly the decision itself is funny that a piece of dead land that was sold in 2014 and made into a living paradise, 5 years later after spending 200+ Billion on that Land Bahria is Told that the Land wasnt theirs to start with, Bahria has to pay a price of that land valued at current?? How is that Justice?

  • At this point, it won’t make a difference. Bahria is a state itself, just a small setback. Although they have introduced a new life style in the country, but they are no Robin Hood, they have been grabbing land from Govt, poor and rich, without any distinction. The unfortunate part is the Investors, most of them have heard these stories, yet they still want to Invest. If you have a duplicate registration book of a car, it is difficult to satisfy buyer, they will have 100s of excuses to not buy the car, but when it comes to Bahria, everyone is willing to turn on a blind eye.

  • This decision is useless at this stage. Or I may say a foolish & stupid step. We have already given our whole life savings to BTK. If Banks start to pay back our installments then it makes sense.

    • Why have you given it at first you should have checked or did some thing to know the legitimacy of the project
      Yahan to pakistani mentality hai ( bara h mehnga hai to acha hi hoga )

  • Utho Beta Aankhain Kholo :) Yeh Article kafi izafa kary ga aap sb ki Knowledge main.


  • What u mean by a portion of bahria town illegal ?? dude whole Bahria Town is illegal! Im just wait for KARMA to hit these goons and mafia

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