83% of Computers in Pakistan Use Unlicensed Software: Report

Due to the sale of pirated computer software, companies lose billions of dollars due to misuse of licensing or from the distribution of pirated computer programs.

The Spectator Index has ranked Pakistan third on the list of the countries using most unlicensed software in the world.

The list is based on the data collected from the BSA, The Software Alliance.


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As per the report, 83% of computers in Pakistan use unlicensed software. The study puts Latin American country Venezuela at the top spot.

It states that 89% of computers in Venezuela use unauthorized programs, while Indonesia comes second in the ranking with 83% pirated software.

The list places African country Nigeria just next to Pakistan on the fourth spot with 80% and Vietnam on 5th with the score of 74%.


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Other countries on the list are China (66%), Russia (62%), Egypt (59%), India ( 56%), Turkey (56%), Saudi Arabia (47%), Brazil (43%), Italy (43%), France (32%), UK (21%), Canada (22%) and Germany (20%).

Japan and the US remain countries with least use of pirated or unlicensed software programs in the world having 16 and 15 percent of such computers, respectively.

  • Xahid

    lol, US is the major supplier of software cracks! and if you see the source of any crack its US!

    • Atif

      ?? a very strange comment. :)

      • Xahid

        What so strange, Im talking about Source of the cracks!

        • Atif

          strange is that why you assume this?

          • Eli Ehsan

            Coz bhai thinks every internet Torrent is originated from US only.

    • Moiz Uddin Temuri


  • 25 Se 50 Rupee CD Se You Can Install Any Thing & Crack by the Help of YouTube

    • Atif

      ever wonder what is the meaning of theft?
      after that think theft is a sin and than wonder whats the punishment of theft in islam.

      yes i still use some counterfeit products but they are almost came down to just 1.

      • Bubloo

        Steal 10 items you are a thief
        Steal 1 item you are still a thief

        • Muhammad Areeb


        • Atif

          you’re missing the point, im not bragging about it either.

      • Bhai, We Don’t have Enough amount to Buy 10K Windows 10 & Pay 25K For Office 365 Only for One PC & In Pakistan 99% Home User 70% Office User are using Crack Software from childhood.

        Aur Koi Option Nahi Hai : Market Main Yahi Mill Raha hai Hukumat Ne Pabandi Bhi Nahi Lagayi

        • Xahid

          q nahi hai?

          Linux hai na, 100% Free and Libre Office 100% Free, every software have alternative open source solution, you just need to search!

          • Yeah U R Right
            Sare Institute MS OFFICE / Bill Gates K Product Pe Tranning Dete hai :
            Aur Dusri BAT Jo Features Bill Gates K Product Main Wo Kisi Aur Main Kaha So Alternet Bohat hai But Hum Consider Bill Gates PE Karenge

            • Xahid

              koon se features?
              Now, you’re just beating about the bush!

        • Atif

          bhai, saaree galat kaam kernee walee yahi boltee heen. atleast accept that you are doing wrong and try to minimize it.
          lot of open source is available, reason im down to just one.

          • Muhammad Bilal

            @ Atif how can u keep on talking when you know you are culprit too.

            • Atif

              because i know i have done something for so many years which is wrong, atleast tell yourself and have this much in yourself to say wtong or right you’ve been doing.
              saying nithing or bragging about is absolutely wrong

  • Hajji Ali

    And bill gates wants to invest here…LOL

  • Hajji Ali

    And bill gates wants to invest here…LOL

  • Obaid Ismail

    I thought it would be 99.9% Lol

  • Mr U Asar

    Using genuine software for commercial use, is understood as they are making money using that application, so it must be paid for, but for home users, no one cares, because if they started penalizing pirated software and start blocking it, people will simply switch to open source (plenty of open source applications can do almost every work at lower level than a paid application can, LibreOffice, DaVinci resolve, photoscape etc), those using pirated to learn/upgrade skills at home, will enter industry with experience on open source rather than commercial applications, where software companies makes most of their money from corporate licensing, who would buy their products if new incoming human resource is experienced on open source, so they don’t bother and will keep letting pirated software to be used at least at student/home level.

    • M Waseem Akhtar

      I’ve seen pirated softwares even in big corporates.

  • Sanam Shezadi


  • Syed Shabir Jan

    Now a days using cracked software is very dangerous, crackers add malware to it and exploit your computer.
    I found many scripts in windows 10 cracked version which are using CPU power, syncing data, and bitcoin mining scripts.

  • Moiz Uddin Temuri

    thats a fun fact :D