Malaysia Wants to Import Halal Food from Pakistan

Malaysian businessmen have shown interest in importing Halal Food from Pakistan.

Rosin AlRehman, the CEO Antahraya, made these remarks on Tuesday, during a visit to Chambers of Commerce and Industry (RCCI). He was heading a six-member delegation of Malaysian business community.

Speaking on the occasion, Rosin said that this visit was in line with Prime Minister Imran Khan’s offer to his Malaysian counterpart to seek business opportunities in Pakistan.


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He said the purpose of this visit was to explore the opportunities for business collaborations in different sectors of Pakistan including Glass, Timber, Halal Food and SMEs etc.

He saw the charm in Pakistan’s Halal Foods market and expressed that both countries should cooperate to explore all the untapped areas.

“Halal Foods is a big market and Malaysia is importing Halal meat from non-Muslim countries including India. We want to export Halal meat from Pakistan, a brother Muslim country, and we had visited different local food companies for possible joint ventures in Halal food,” he added.


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He also highlighted that tourism, timber, glass and other sectors where the two Muslim countries can discover new avenues of cooperation in the near future.

At the outset of the ceremony, Acting President of RCCI, Muhammad Fayyaz Qureshi, welcomed the delegation. In his welcome speech, he stated that Pakistan has ‘favorable environment for foreign direct investment (FDIs)’ and urged the Malaysian delegation to invest in joint ventures in the food sector.

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