PCB is Spending Millions on Pitbull’s 10-Minute Performance in PSL 2019

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has decided to spend a fortune to make the opening ceremony of PSL 2019 even more glorious than before, which might prove to be a mistake after all.


The board acquired the services of various local and international artists. Pitbull, a renowned singer who has featured with biggest international artists in the world, is also set to perform at the opening ceremony to be held in Dubai.

According to details, PCB is paying Rs. 100 million ($0.7 million) to Pitbull for his 10-minute cameo. This sum also includes all the expenses for him and his crew members as well.

Numerous franchise owners raised the question over paying such a heavy amount to Pitbull. Additionally, other members also suggested that PCB should have opted to stick with the local artists only.

The board, however, disagreed and claimed that Pakistan Super League (PSL) requires more global audience due to which this step has been taken.

Keeping everything aside, it is crucial to note that PSL is in its fourth season and the league still has not found a flagship sponsor. The experts believe that splashing the cash on international stars is means to attract more sponsors, which might prove to be fatal if they fail to do so.


Apart from the 38-year-old rapper, Boney M, Fawad Khan, Young Desi, Aima Baig, and Shuja Haider are also going to perform at the opening ceremony of PSL 2019.

The ceremony will be held on 14th of February at Dubai International Cricket Stadium. Following the ceremony, the PSL 2019 will officially begin with a match between Islamabad United and Lahore Qalandars.

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  • 100M for that baldass phony singer? makes no sense. Should have opt for some local Pakistani singer which couldhave more feasible and viable. but anyways pakistani mentality, they loved to get banged by foreigners.

  • scrap the opening ceremony, or just do laser show and sho of Pakistani culture. Most sporing events don’t have opening ceremonies now

  • 100 million rupees for 10 minutes? And our own PM is asking donation for dams and also asking the same country where the opening ceremony is going to be held for aid. If this ain’t irony, I don’t know what is?

  • People will be attracted by the quality of cricket that will be played. A 10 minutes performance costing 100 million rupees is totally a waste. When our economy is in dire straits and our PM is literally hopping countries for aid, this amount could have been donated to the dam or to the government. No person in sane mind would have wanted to see Pitbull perform rather than giving the amount to dam. Gulf gives us aid, we ask our overseas citizens to donate graciously for the dam and now hold an extravagant opening ceremony for a tournament whose profits will be distributed among corporates (on sharing basis with PCB)? This is NAYA Pakistan!

  • Just received billions of dollars from UAE and KSA, so spending 1 Million from those is not a big deal. Plus taxes have been removed from PSL to help new entrants like Ali Tareen, quality entertainment will give them reason to invest more.

  • When IK speaks of austerity and talks about creating “NAYA PAKISTAN”, well welcome to “NAYA PAKISTAN” where we spend 100 million rupees for a 10 minute performance for a domestic league. Entertainment is paramount than other basic necessities like dams. This is Pakistan equivalent to Roman gladiators. Some one from the government should raise an objection. This is preposterous.

  • This is such ilinformed and a biased article. Can’t you guys just be positive for once Matlab aap mein aur Geo news mein koi farak nahin. I have been following you guys since the beginning and I’m sorry lately you are putting all your efforts in sensationalizing news and creating a negative opinion. Hawa mein urti wi khabar mein teer Hein aap log. Konsa Desi artist Hina chayeh aap Bata dein Matlab aap log he tu hein Jo PSL ka scale samajhtay Hein. Also with journalism please state your source exactly. For once khud akal ka istimal kero 10 minutes in the terms is a good amount of time and 100 million is not spent in Pakistan it’s spent in UAE the crew includes more than 10 ppl which includes from sound engineer to the lights guy which unfortunately no Pakistani has and top of everything in a hypothetical case If PSL had all artist from Pakistan then there would have been another article from you guys saying k PSL includes a full Pakistani lineup and they are all parchi and somebody is corrupt etc. Damn u guys are so irresponsible. Oh god it’s much to explain here.

    • So you’d rather spend 100 million even if you don’t have a flagship sponsor? Great logic.

  • Mere muhalay mein ek khatoon hain un ka naam hai Hamida appa. Woh bhi avaliable hain. Mein bike pe unhein chor aoon aur Rs. 50 million show kar dein ge.

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