Did You Get a Higher Gas Bill Than Expected? Here’s Why

The government has found out what has been causing the complaints of excessive billing among the domestic gas consumers – and it’s not due to higher prices.

The federal government, with the approval of Prime Minister Imran Khan, levied a hike in gas prices last year in October. The costs were slabbed ‘carefully’ and were not supposed to hurt the lower class of the society, as the government claimed.

But, in January – after two and a half months of the increase, cries of ‘over-billing’ and ‘increased prices’ emerged among the consumers, which was a shocker for the government.

Prime Minister Imran Khan swiftly took notice of the issue and has called a cabinet meeting with a one-point agenda.

However, a leading daily has cited information from ‘some inside sources’ and the ‘background discussions with key players’ before the meeting, that OGRA and SNGPL have worked out the core reason behind the issue.

The Cause

According to the report, sources from the OGRA and SNGPL have confirmed that the ‘pressure factor’ has played a crucial role in excessive billings.

It explains that at the time of slabbing, the government had not kept the ‘pressure factor’ in mind – and now after the fresh supply of LNG – the gas pressure has increased which caused extra usage of the gas.

As a result, 20 percent of consumers that fell into the lower slab have migrated to the top three slabs in December 2018-January 2019, causing an exponential rise in the billings.

Secondly, the gas supply companies were already using a presumptive pressure factor which is used as an adjustment for the use of compressors by a consumer or any other method of tinkering with the gas regulator to secure higher than available gas pressure.

Who to Blame?

OGRA has reportedly blamed SNGPL for this ‘miscalculation’ and has urged it to take corrective measures.

The regulator has reportedly asked SNGPL to use the correct pressure factor in the domestic billing and make an adjustment in bills on this account.

The SNGPL, on the other hand, has sought guidance from OGRA on whether to discontinue the practice of using presumptive factor and cut the supplies to consumers fiddling with the gas pressure with different tactics – or to continue with the existing method.

The ball is, however, in PM Khan’s court who will decide on it once the inquiry report is submitted.

  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH.. Pressure factor caused all ’em to use MORE GAS.. this is not THE ONION by the way.

  • Last year was 7000 but this year it’s 28500 with about the same usage. Not justified at all

  • I normally get charged around 275rs per unit for using 2.7 HM3 of gas, and this month I got charged 780rs per unit for using 3.7 HM3 of gas. Increasing the rate threefolds is not fair even if my usage increased and that too by a little margin.

  • Gas prices are very fair.. I don’t understand why people are crying?

    You need a solid reason to cry… Price are not increased 10 times

    So be thankful and stop crying

  • At least the PM accepts mistakes! That’s a quality I like in him! May Pakistan Prosper, be it PMLN, PPP, PTI or any other Party! Sab sy pehly Pakistan!

    • keep on counting mistakes by PM and their acknowledgements

      also keep the record

      Love to see when century will be completed !

      • Ya like you have another choice?

        Like PM in the past were saints and sufis, c’mon, broaden your mind a little, oh I forgot, its not possible at this stage.

        I feel sorry for you.

  • Topi Drama, Jhoot, Propaganda, Blame Game, Quick Action Taken, resignation & blah blah.. This is all about our new handsome PM and his govt tactics.
    Hum Best team lain gy
    (Kitny Wazir NaEhel ho chuky hain aur kitny line main lagy hain aur baqi ki performance sb k samny hai).
    Prices km kar dain gy (Each and everything is mehngi).
    Qarzy bilkul nahi lain gy (Dunya main ghom rahy hain qarz k liye)
    Dollar 40 ka ho jaey ga (140 ka chal rha hai)
    In ko Rulaon ga (Corrupt Siyasi Elite class mazy main hai sary incentives jail main bhe mil rhy hain aur ab bail bhe hony wali hai) Awam ya tou marr rhi hai ya roo rhi hai.

  • The reason you mentioned here is incorrect. I personally received increased bill of around 10K in JAN 2019 and around 2.5K in Dec 2018. I was also assuming the same thing but when I heard the news that Govt has taken a notice of discrepancy in the gas bills, I myself calculated my gas bill as per meter readings and using the formula and MMBTU value mentioned on my bill. I got astonished when I identified that in lat two months my CM is calculated incorrectly. CR means a difference of units (Current Month Reading – Last Month Reading = CM ).
    In DEC18 my actual units were 195, but in my the diff was calculated 202 due to which my slab got changed. Similarly, in JAN 2019, my actual units 292 (it happened due to some issue with my geyser’s thermostat else it could be around 190), but again, in my JAN 19 bill, they calculated 302 and used this value in whole calculation.

    What I understand is, SSGC billing department is doing it intentionally to raise the gas bills because mistake or human error should not be repeated every month.

    I have not checked the bills I received before DEC 2018, and I am certain that the same miscalculation is present in all of them as well.

    It seems like govt institutions are not happy with PTI govt and with the help of lower level staff they are doing these things to create bad name of Imran khan among the people.

    Here is a formula you can use to check if your monthly gas bill is calculated properly.

    MMBTU= (CM/28.17385)(GCV/100)

    CM = Current Meter Reading – Previous Meter Reading ( It is always mentioned in your bill)

    GROSS CALORIFIC VALUE (GCV) value is always different in your monthly bill. Therefore, you have to use the one mentioned in your bill to calculate the MMBTU.

    Gas Constant – 28.17385 (It remains the same)

    After calculating your MMBTU value, you will have to check in which slab your CM value actually falls.

    These are the SLABs and their defined rates.
    SLAB-1 : Up to 50 M3 per month: All off-takes at a flat rate of 121.00
    SLAB-2 : Up to 100 M3 per month: All off-takes at a flat rate of 127.00
    SLAB-3 : Up to 200 M3 per month: All off-takes at a flat rate of 264.00
    SLAB-4 : Up to 300 M3 per month: All off-takes at a flat rate of 275.00
    SLAB-5 : Up to 400 M3 per month: All off-takes at a flat rate of 780.00
    SLAB-6 : Up to 500 M3 per month: All off-takes at a flat rate of 1,460.00
    NOTE _ Over 500 M3 per month: All off-takes at a flat rate of 1,460.00

    Now, to calculate the bill, identify the SLAB using CM (Current Month Meter Reading -Previous Month Meter reading = CM), then multiply the obtained rate with MMBTU.

    For eg, my CM/monthly consumed units are 292, it means it should fall in a SLAB-4 which is designed for units consumption up to 300 M3. The rate of slab-4 is PKR 275.

    Now simply multiply this value with MMBTUs you have calculated / or already mentioned in your bill. Then add PKR 20 as monthly charges of SSGC meter and apply 17% GST on a commutative amount to calculate the actual bill value inclusive of all taxes.

    Previous Reading 2314
    Current Reading 2606
    Difference/ CM 292

    GCV (BTU/SCF) 985.12 (constant value from bill, changes in every month’s bill )
    Gas Constant 28.17385 (Gas constant , always remain the same)

    CM/28.17385 10.36422072
    GCV/1000 0.98512

    MMBTU= (CM/28.17385)(GCV/100) = 10.21000112

    Gas Charges = MMBTU X Rate 2807.750307
    Meter Rent 20
    GST (17%) 480.7175523

    Total Charges/Bill 3,308

    They miscalculate the CM value to change my monthly slab in last two month bills.
    Due to which I received 2.5K BILL in DEC 2018 and 9600 Bill in JAN 2019.

    You may check yours using the provided formula.


  • Why is pressure factor being applied in the first place ? The regulator installed after meter regulates the pressure to a fixed amount then how come you say that the user is using additional pressure? You have to check regulators if they are tampered or they are malfunctioning, charging everyone with pressure factor is not the solution. Only SNGPL does this practice to domestic customers, SSGC does not do this practice.

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