Pak Railways’ New App Allows Real-Time Tracking of Trains

Pakistan Railways has rolled out “Pak Rail Live”, an app that enables train users in tracking the exact location of trains across the whole network.

Pak Rail Live is a free application for the general public which provides Real-Time train tracking along with schedule updates, estimated arrival at stations and pre-arrival notifications.

Pak Rail Live can be downloaded on:

Railways Ministry has also asked users to provide feedback to improve the app as it has just been launched may have a few bugs.

According to some users, the facility is useful for travelers but needs some improvements. It has been reported that the refresh interval for train tracking is slow. Some users are asking for a one map option with all trains showing real-time position of every train.

Some people say it is a good initiative and will facilitate thousands of people every day. Railways Ministry has announced to upgrade train coaches, launch a Wi-Fi service and install a tracking system on all trains.

The system will facilitate the passengers in tracking the current location of the train and its arrival time to their platform with the help of smartphones.

  • Yeah We Know the Exact Location of TRAIN :
    What About Ghantto Ghantto Waiting for Solution of Engine Damaged / Problem at Different Location ?
    Us Kia Haal Nikala

  • I believe it is useless to make apps for such things. websites are sufficient for such information. however, it would be better if they integrate train timings and commute in google maps as we see in the rest of the world.

    • Wow you are pretty dumb now a days there is a app for everything and you are saying just going through website is enough are you living under a rock

    • As people will be tracking trains on the go.
      Mobile app for this kind of task does make sense. Visiting websites on a mobile browser is cumbersome.

  • why Pak rail launch another app
    they can add this function in already using for booking app

  • One thing they should add is to announce the name of the every station and upcoming stations. It will be a big help for tourists as well as new travelers.

  • There are tons of fake /unofficial apps, be it Pak railway app or other Government apps. One of fake Pakistan citizens portal app has almost as many downloads as official app. Some of these fake apps masking to be official and even ask users about private info like CNIC, address etc. I already reported this complaint in Pakistan citizens portal app. Can PROPAKISTANI team investigate and write an article about it so this issue can be highlighted and official can take action against fake apps

  • This is the good effort of Pakisktan railways for passengers Now the Passengers More Batterly Know about the trains arivals And Departure and i think this app will very help full for us in any Eymergency thank you PAKISTAN Railway

  • I’m a regular user of Pak railway and book my tickets through their app. This app is another great step toward the innovation in railway industry. such steps help the consumers a lot. these small steps lead to big changes. Congrats Pak Rail.

  • This app is almost 99.9% correct.. showing exact location of train.. Resulting lot of help in picking our Trains….. Excellent move from current Pakistani Govt….

  • aoa ye app bohat achi hai is sy kafi saholat hogae hai ur b best ye ban sakhti hai agr sath sath ye b likha ho k next station kitny KM door hai tu ur b asani hoajyge THNX

  • this app is total magic but the magic that happens in real life.. I had to travel from Rohri to Hyderabad today through Shah Hussein express, so I started to track the train from beginning. It appeared at 12am that my train will arrive by 5 hours late so I woke up late in the morning had breakfast, completed all my task and reached the station only 5 minutes earlier and here arrives Shah Hussein Sahiba on the platform!!!! I could not believe it how this app saved me from 5 hours torture…. its inventor must be acknowledged publicly

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