Air France is Planning to Restart Operations in Pakistan After 11 Years: Minister

Following the return of British Airways, Air France is also planning to revive operations in Pakistan after an 11 year-long absence.

The development was made public by the Federal Minister for Petroleum, Ghulam Sarwar Khan, on Friday.

The minister said that the conducive business environment in the country is attracting several foreign investors who had left the country due to a deteriorated law and order situation.

Mr. Ghulam Sarwar lauded the efforts of Prime Minister Imran Khan and said that they have created a peaceful and harmonious environment in the country.


Following British Airways, Multiple UK Companies to Invest in Pakistan

“It stands ready to be a hub of commerce, trade, and foreign investment. A major step in this direction is the overhauling of the visa regime wherein nationals of more than 50 countries would be given visa on arrival,” he added while briefing the media.

He highlighted the PM Khan’s efforts to bring in multibillion-dollar aid and investment from friendly countries including UAE, China, Malaysia, and now from Saudi Arabia.

It should be mentioned here that Britain’s national flag-carrier is set to re-start its operations in the country in June after a hiatus of ten years.

    • There will be hardly any direct jobs. Maximum 10 if they are flying to only 1 city. Rest will be use of existing resources from ground handling companies.

  • There is simply not enough demand for Air France in Pakistan. Pakistani’s are price sensitive people and only 1% of the air travel population might consider them, unlike British Airways which will be used by lot of Kashmiris to Islamabad. Ever wondered why British Airways doesn’t fly to Karachi?

    • Price sensitive? Air france will have to compete with other airlines on price otherwise they will miss out. Yeah british airways does not go to karachi because it will cost them in landing charges. With the new airport and cpec make flights will start

      • Just in case you don’t know the primary reasons why many foreign airlines (carriers) left Pakistan was due to abuse by CAA, high cost of operation, low revenue per seat. Honestly, Pakistan for them is not the market.

        British Airways comes to Islamabad because it is closer to Mirpur. Most of the Kashmiris and Punjabis fly with BA. Go to UK and see how many Kashmiris are there.

  • #ThankYouNawazSharif. The puppet government of PTI is claiming for PMLN’s achievements. Everyone knows that it was finalized in a meeting between Nawaz Sharif and King Louis XIV many years ago.

      • You know this is clearly a joke right?…She mentioned “a meeting between Nawaz Sharif and King Louis XIV”…

        …and King Louis XIV died in year 1715…so of course she is joking….mocking the patwaris of our country

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