PM Imran Khan Offers India Another Chance to Start Dialogue

Prime Minister Imran Khan has offered his Indian counterpart, Narendra Modi, another chance to engage in dialogue over Pulwama attack.

In his short address to the nation, Prime Minister Khan urged India to avoid any further escalation and ‘let the better sense prevail.’

He warned Indian authorities that throughout history, wars had been miscalculated.

“The First World War went on for six years; it was supposed to conclude in six months.”


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“Would you like to miscalculate a war between two nuclear countries?” the premier asked.

PM Khan took the nation into confidence on the recent escalation with the neighboring country and confirmed that two Indian jets were shot down across the Line of Control (LoC).

“We offered investigation after the Pulwama attack,” said the PM, adding that, Pakistan has seen victims of terrorism and know how those belonging to the victims must be going through.


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“Despite my offer of cooperation in Pulwama attack’s investigation, I had a feeling that India would engage in a misadventure with Pakistan as the country was going into the election in two months,” he reflected.

PM Khan added that Pakistan did not retaliate against India [on Tuesday] because we did not know the extent of damage, today however we took action, keeping in view that no collateral damage was done.”

  • Investigation of Pulwama attack must be initiated so that concrete findings and evidences can able to be reported on electronic media.

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