WhatsApp is Getting an In-App Browser and Reverse Image Search

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging application and has been getting a consistent stream of updates over the past few years. Currently, WhatsApp is testing in-app browsing and reverse image search on its beta channel.


The in-app browsing feature lets you open links in your messages without having to leave WhatsApp. This feature is also available in Instagram which also belongs to Facebook’s family of apps. The links will directly go to the default browser and the user won’t have to quit WhatsApp and open the link separately.

However, it has been reported that taking screenshots and recording the screen will not be possible in the in-app browser. This is a little weird as there is no obvious harm in them.

WhatsApp also notifies the user in case a link looks suspicious. Moreover, Facebook and WhatsApp will not have access to your search history.

Reverse Image Search

The second addition is the reverse image search which will help you check the authenticity of the image you received. The image received is uploaded on Google and checked if it has appeared on the web before. In countries where fake news prevails, this feature can be helpful to a great extent.

As mentioned earlier, these features are only available on the beta version of WhatsApp, on Android in particular. Use it at your own risk.

Images via WABetaInfo