Apple Announces a Trio of Subscription Services for TV, Games and Magazines

Apple has been talking about launching its own streaming services for a long time now. Finally, on its event held on 25th March 2019, the company announced Apple TV+, Apple News and Apple arcade for streaming content, news and games respectively.

The CEO, Tim Cook did the honors and said that “it is unlike anything that’s come before”. All the content on these streaming services will be exclusive and original. The CEO was adamant that the content on all the services will be exclusive only to Apple.

Apple TV+

Only exclusive documentaries and TV shows directed and produced by acclaimed filmmakers will be streamed on Apple TV+. Shows and stories casting actors like Reese Witherspoon, Jason Mamoa, Steve Carell etc. will be aired.

This streaming service will be completely ad-free and will be available in more than 100 countries. Licensed content will not be streamed on Apple TV+ at least not yet. The CEO was stressing the fact that Apple TV+ will only air the original Apple content.

It also comes with Apple TV channels that will be incorporated in the iOS update coming after May. Many major TV manufacturers will offer Apple TV+ after its release. However, we still don’t know who these manufacturers are.

The subscription price is not yet confirmed, the pricing might be made public near the launch of the service which will be during sometime between September to November 2019.

Apple News+

This is basically a magazine subscription app that brings more than 300 digital magazines and newspapers for the users. It was launched on 25th March 2019 in the US and Canada. The RSS news reader included in the streaming service will be free of cost, however, the individual magazines and digital newspapers will cost.

It was launched with the iOS 12.2 update and guess what? it is already the number 1 news application in the world for iOS devices. This is mainly due to the exclusive content included in the application along with handpicked stories.

According to CEO Tim Cook, “It’s critical that it’s trusted”, this clearly depicts that they have put in extra effort to keep the content authentic and real.

Magazines included in the applications include categories like lifestyle, entertainment, News and politics, science and tech etc.

Apple Arcade

This is a gaming store for iPhone, iPad and Mac users with a subscription fee. More than 100 unique games exclusive to Apple devices have been included in Apple Arcade. A remake of the classic game, “Beneath a steel sky” has also been launched on it.

The collection of games has been handpicked by gaming experts from all around the world and will be updated every month with new games constantly being added.

You can also call Apple Arcade the Xbox game pass for mobile devices. Original releases from renowned gamers will be included in the service.

We don’t know the subscription fee for it yet, but like Apple TV+, the prices will be announced around its release which is due in September to November 2019. It will be launched in more than 150 regions.

Apple is doing a good job by keeping the content classic and original.

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