Xiaomi is Launching a Redmi SUV (Yes, a Car) Tomorrow

Xiaomi fans are in for a treat as the company is set to launch its first car in partnership with Bestune, the company announced on Weibo.

A customized Redmi branded Bestune T77 SUV will be unveiled on 3rd April, making Xiaomi much more than just a smartphone company. The Chinese consumer electronics company had earlier announced to enhance its product range, however, a Xioami car is easily the most exciting and ambitious product.

Take a look at the exquisite Bestune T77 SUV.

The stylish looking car is currently priced at 89,800 Yuan or 13,400 USD approximately. While the exact details of the customization to fit it into the Redmi brand are yet to emerge, the car promises some really top-notch features.

Here are some of the specs:

  • Dimensions: 4525 x 1845 x 1615 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2700 mm
  • Weight: 1455 kg
  • 1.2L Turbocharged Engine
  • 6-speed MT Gearbox
  • Maximum Horsepower: 143Ps
  • Maximum Power: 105kW
  • Maximum Torque: 204Nm

Bestune T77 will be available in 6 different models with the top model up for grabs at 134,000 Yuan or roughly 19,980 USD. The move comes in a bid to significantly increase the product range and it remains to be seen if the car is launched in Pakistan or not.

Last year, the Besturn T-Concept was introduced in April at the Beijing Auto Show and later in November. The production model was announced by FAW under the new name “Bestune” instead of “Besturn”.

Featured Image via Wheelsage

Feature Writer

  • یہ گاڑی پاکستان کبھی بھی نہیں آئے گی۔۔۔ بدمعاشیاں یہ نہیں آنے دے گی۔۔۔

  • I wish Mr. Prime minister take some kind of initiative to take such kind of investment and local production in Pakistan so that we may enjoy the true meaning of Pak.China friendship. Irony of the situation is that FAW and xiaomi both have a history in Pakistani market however 90% of us believe that we can’t even think about such kind of SUV in Pakistan.

  • Do you guys see any future of Big threes ( Suzuki, Toyota, honda) if an SUV like that comes with the price tag of 13400 USD( 1900000 PKR) in Pakistan?

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