Plane Maker from Pakpattan Gets Rs. 100,000 as Support for His Efforts

Recently a man from Arifwala, Pakpattan made headlines for trying to fly his self-made plane. While he was taken into custody for attempting to fly without prior clearance from concerned authorities, the Civil Aviation Authority lauded his creativity and offered to help him develop more skills.

The innovator, Mohammad Fayaz, was recently gifted a sum of Rs 100,000 by Dr. Iftikhar from Okara. He invited the innovator to his house and presented him with the cheque to meet expenses for the dismantled plane.

Earlier, there were reports that the Police had returned the plane after CAA’s intervention in the matter as a team visited the Police Station where he was arrested.

The kind-hearted man also offered to get him hooked up with technical experts to polish his skills. After receiving the cheque, Fayyaz thanked Dr. Iftikhar and the media

Today, I felt like I did something good. Otherwise, I had been feeling as if I had done something wrong.

He also thanked the media for promoting his story.

Feature Writer

    • yeah with an engine and it flies from a runway and it looks like a plane and its pretty much all-plane
      And yeah it’s homemade and it’s cheap

    • Atleast he made something.
      When was the last time you invented something?
      Please don’t be this person. I hope you get my point.

      • Much appreciated. Its hard work, especially working in society like ours. No one value your talent.
        BTW last time i invented variable resistor, and electro magnate in school days (1997). Imagine did nothing after this :)))))

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