CAA Returns Fayyaz’s Home-Made Aircraft, Vows to Help Him

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has finally stepped into action in the self-made airplane saga where a man was detained for attempting to fly his mini airplane. The authority has got the plane released from Police custody and returned it to Mohammad Fayyaz while also promising to help him polish his skills.

Earlier, the famous aviator from Pakistan, Fakhr-e-Alam, also announced his help for the plane-maker.

According to the details, the Director General of CAA, Shahrukh Nusrat, took notice of the matter, directing a team to reach out to the man and appreciate him for his efforts. A team led by Deputy Airport Manager of Lahore Airport, Nazeer Ahmed Khan, visited Rang Shah Police Station in Pakpattan and returned the plane to its maker.

Shahrukh hailed the passion of the man, saying that CAA will take every step possible to promote aviation in the country.

He further added that a technical inspection of the aeroplane will be carried out by CAA experts to determine if it is fit for flying or not. He asserted that under the New Aviation Policy 2019, CAA is not just a regulator but also a facilitator and it will encourage the efforts to promote aviation.

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  • Bahar Mumalik Wale Sahi hai Phir :
    Wo Ghar Baithe Car Bike Plane Sub Bana K Road Pe CHALTE Urate Bhi Hai Registered Karwa K Usi Main Retreiment Guzar Lete hai
    Pakistan Main Aisa Karo to Log Ghalat Matlab Nikal Lete hai

    • nahi aap ghalat baat kar rahay ho, yeh we are the victims card khelna ghalat hah…

      bahir ek fruit veghaira rerhi wala sarak pay baghair permit k cheezain tak nai baich sakta. is tarah key experiements k liye bahir k mulk government sey permission leni hoti hah plus area ki booking kerwani hoti hah jis se bahir agar banda nikley ga object lay k to safety violation hogi…

      Main pareshan hu is pagal plane walay ko support kiu milk rahi hah.. yeh koi innovation nai hah, 100 saal pehley wright brothers plane ura chukay hain, isne bus net waghaira say dekh k design ka chaapa maara hah..

      dosra hamaray logo ko takleef hah authorities ko batain bananay ki, farz karo yeh plane ura laita, aur wo phir kisi bus ya family car pay crash kar jata, phir logo nay maatam karna tha kay authorities ko yeh jahaz nahi uranay daina chahye tha…

      abdul bhai, i know you’re a regular here on propakistani, but please be fair in your statements, dunia aapko kinda follow karna shuru ho gayi hah propakistani pay…

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