Three European Airlines Interested in Starting Flight Operations to Pakistan

According to media reports, multiple European Airlines are interesting in starting flight operations to Pakistan after the British Airways restarted its flight operations to Pakistan. Amongst those interested in starting flight operations are airlines from Germany, France and Norway.

There are rumors abound that surveys were conducted by the security officials from European airlines at the Karachi and Islamabad Airports. Reportedly, the Pakistani Government has been contacted by all three airlines and they have expressed interest in starting flight operations to and from Pakistan. In the past week, the Islamabad International Airport was toured by security officials from France.

It is reported that Turkey and Azerbaijan are excited with the idea of using Pakistan’s airways and airports for their flight operations.

After a decade, on June 3rd, British Airways’ first flight, BAW-261, arrived at Islamabad International Airport from Heathrow with 240 passengers.

  • Karachi Airport was once the busiest airport between Europe and the Far East. From 1960 to 2000 average landing and take-off flights in 24 hours were around 60 to 80. But Pakistan airports have never had a condition that facilitates the transit, incoming or outgoing passenger the way other international airports. Pakistan business concern desire to participate in their commercial activities at the airports but the attitude of the CAA never been seen commercial and interested in such offers. Presently if one visit Karachi Airport, Lahore Airport or Islamabad Airport once can notice it look as if no one is interested in any economic activity. CAA come with open commercial friendly policy and these airports can generate billions for the country.

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