Foreign Currency Declaration is Now Mandatory at Airports

The government has made it mandatory for passengers traveling abroad to declare any foreign currency they are carrying at arrival and departure. Currency declaration counters have been set up at all airports for this purpose.

This development has come about in a bid to curb money-laundering, terrorist financing, and other similar threats. The Customs Act has also been amended in this regard. Under the new rules, adult passengers on international travel would be able to carry a maximum of $10,000 per visit. Whereas the currency limit for minors will be $5000 and for infants, it will be $500.

As for foreign currencies other than the US dollar, the limit would be equivalent to or less than that allowed in dollars. “Money for local airport expenses should not be mixed with the foreign currencies,” he said.


FBR Withdraws Duty-Free Phone Import Facility Under Baggage Scheme

The passengers are also required to declare the volume of gold, precious and semi-precious stones at the airports, according to a Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) notification about the proposed amendments in the Baggage Rules 2006 on June 22.

The passengers will also have to declare satellite phones, if any, in the prescribed declaration form. The recent amendments also require the passengers to declare the purpose of their international visit, whether it is of personal, business, tourism, or official nature.

The travelers will also declare if they are carrying any restricted and prohibited goods like drugs, firearms, weapons, and psychotropics.

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