PIA Engineers Restore Another Grounded Plane After A Year of Hard Work

After continued efforts, a previously grounded aircraft of Pakistan International Airline (PIA), Airbus A-320 BLV has been restored after a year of inactivity, according to PIA spokesperson.

PIA CEO, Air Marshal Arshad Malik, had directed the concerned departments to restore all the grounded planes after he took charge in November. The said aircraft had been inactive since May last year and it has now been resurrected following the use of local resources.

Arshad Malik has lauded the efforts of the engineering, flight operations, supply chain management, and finance departments for timely completion of the job. The involved staff has been awarded certificates of appreciation.

Earlier, a Boeing 777 had also been restored to make it fit for flying last month.

Despite formal requests for financial assistance, the government didn’t provide any substantial funds, due to which PIA had to rely on its own resources for the restoration of its aircraft. Following the successful restoration, no other PIA aircraft is currently grounded.

The return of two aircraft to its fleet means that PIA can perform all the Hajj operations without any external support.

  • Hahaha… Previous B777 AP BHV got ooerational and another B777 AP BIDgrounded to make AP BHV fly in tge sky. So net gain is zero…same would be this case as well…

    • If I remember correctly, they were one of the best. Let the new management do some good work and appreciate the efforts of the engineering staff. “Great to fly with” coined by the Omar Kureishi should be brought back.

  • Stop praising them. This is not news worthy, it’s just downright shameful.

    Why was the plane grounded in the first place?

    They weren’t working on it for a year either. Work started recently, the aircraft was just parked for many months before that.

    • If my memory serves me right. Benaxir Bhutto privatised and sold off various profitable areas of the pia including its engineering catering and training services to her friends that led directly to decline of pia hopefully the professionalism wi be restored leading to the restoration of its good name once again.

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