Careem Continues to Stand Out With Campaigns Like “Ghabrana Nahi Hai”

Careem puts quite a show when it comes to doing creative standout campaigns diving right into something out of the box. Well conceptualized around the idea of making the lives of their users safe and easier, their ingenious ideas are the perfect representation of how to play around unorthodox content.

Being a brand that is known for its sharp-witted and humorous campaign crusades like their billboard and democracy campaign, Careem always makes its way through smartly. Whether it’s the Democracy campaign which encouraged people to vote or the runaway bride Billboard which questioned forced marriages in Pakistan. Careem never seems to shy away from being out there.

Featuring a play on slogans around the time of elections was a subtle sweep on political sentiments.

Experimenting yet again, Careem has come out with another campaign introducing its Packages. Keen to create speculation, they struck a little suspicion through an in-app message saying ‘Ghabrana Nahi Hai’, which invoked curiosity among users for what is to come next.

Rising fuel prices and hovering tax increase has pushed costs for ride-hailing businesses. However, Careem is making efforts to resurface along the lines of providing more to its users with 3 in-app package categories to choose from which will substantially help you save on a certain number of rides.

Leading to a series of messages that revealed a new promo code with the name of “BACHAT” implemented in Punjab that will offer customers a 20% discount for 2 rides.

Simultaneously, Careem has decided to double down on their package services where customers can buy miles or discounts in bulk, allowing them to save money while increasing customer retention for Careem.

And here is what some influencers had to say about it:

Careem continues to handle polarizing responses very neatly through their Twitter while interacting with a tone of voice that serves their customers the best, considering their comical takes on introducing upgraded services.

Gearing up with other exciting new projects we wonder what is up their sleeves, next…hence till than

“Ghabrana Nahi Hai”

  • But all captains ghabrayee howay hain, due to fuel prices, n very cheap cheapest rates in Sialkot, Faisalabad.

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